The 3 Most Important Phones of 2019

These were the most important and influential phones to me this year
The #1 –

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The 3 Most Important Phones of 2019 1
The 3 Most Important Phones of 2019 2
The 3 Most Important Phones of 2019 3
The 3 Most Important Phones of 2019 4
The 3 Most Important Phones of 2019 5

43 Comments on “The 3 Most Important Phones of 2019”

  1. The OnePlus7 Pro was an awesome phone and my personal fav of the 2019 devices but I don't think it influenced the market in a significant manner even with that 90hz screen. I think it did help to make OnePlus a more recognizable brand this year. Thank for watching!

  2. Pixel 3a was a joke, they rumoured a affordable pixel for growing markets like india and they launched it here with a price tag 40k ₹ which is nonsense, you can buy a OnePlus 7 here and still buy a decent pair of headphones with that price tag…i am totally convinced now that i would be using custom ROMs now on old hardware with great software support which not only saves tons of money buy extends life of old hardware..a great example would be Redmi note 4 (4x) which is still supported by XDA developers and ROM developers such as pixel experience rom etc you can install Android 10 on that device and use it as daily driver, i dont personal own it but there are over 66k people who have downloaded pixel experience rom which can be seen on statistics tab of the ROMs website.

  3. Now we are giving Samsung kudos for removing the headphone jack when not too long ago we were ripping Apple for removing it? What hypocrisy.

  4. Google releasing 400 dollar phone: just let us spy on you bruh.

    And you know this because the (spy) camera is really good quality. It all adds up mr lee.

  5. I think that Razer Phone 2 also quite influential because of the 120hz screen and very good stereo surround sound system.

  6. U should have included oneplus 7 Pro or asus ROG or razer phone 2 as they have influenced the high refresh rate display standards 💥

  7. Asus ROG Phone 2 was also a influential phone, because of it's aggressive price performance ratio, and an 120Hz AMOLED display and 6000 mAh battery. These influenced other brands like Samsung to opt in for bigger batteries in their flagship (S11+ will come with 5000mAh battery)

  8. How can Galaxy Note 10 remove headphone jack is important to smartphone market? Apple done it years ago. Other android also have already done it multiple times. ???

  9. Disappointing that the Pixel 4 is even on the table. I understand you brought it in to highlight and spotlight the 3A, but the Pixels this year are arguably THE most disappointing phones of the year, if not the most.

  10. I mean, my phone has 4 gigs of ram, 4000 battery and it was 150$. The camera sucks. If they can sell me the same specs plus a good camera for 400$, im game. Buying it INSTANTLY.

    1000$ phones with the latest CPU and AMOLED screen? No thanks? IPS is good enough. Mid-range CPU's are good enough (also energy eff)

  11. Probably will remove Google pixel 4 from it , features that are not really implemented properly, would probably put one plus 7 pro into it , notchless , 90 hz refresh rate and snappy interface

  12. i really want a pixel, but the prices did not go down enough during black friday. plus it's difficult to get one here in the philippines

  13. What did I just watch?

    seriously, the pixel 4 is hot garbage. No need to debate that right?!

    To this day ive only seen 1 galaxy fold, literally one. And I work in a place surrounded by tech.

    The Samsung note 10 lost the headphone jack and to get expandable memory, you have to get the even more expensive one? At that point just sell the note 10+. Such a shame they even abandoned the no notch campaign they teased apple over.

    And of course iPhone 11 with a 720p lcd panel? Yeah it's cheaper because it's made with specs that any other phone company would've sold for 399.

    Such a shame to see this video. It feels like it was rushed, or am I missing something here?

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