Way Too Many People Want to Hack an iPhone

New research provides us with a closer look at what people in the United States and the United Kingdom search for when going online, revealing that “iPhone hacks” is the leading keyword related to mobile phone hacking and Internet security.

Data collected by mobile phone case specialists and based on Symantec’s Internet Security Threat Report reveals that nearly four in ten apps that are published on the WWW in the Tools category are at risk of malware.

With a 39.1% chance of malware, Tools top the charts, way ahead of second-placed Lifestyle category with a 14.90% score. Next are apps in Entertainment and Social and Communication which come with a 14.90% and 7.30% risk of malware, respectively.

On the other hand, if you’re in the market looking for Education apps, there’s a good chance you won’t be targeted here, as only 2.60% of the apps published in this category could come with malware.

Google searches

Americans seem to be particularly interested in hacking iPhones, as Case24 reveals that “iPhone hacks” is a popular Google keyword in the United States, with no less than 14,800 searches recorded every month on average. At the same time, 6,600 Americans go online to find out “how to hack a phone” every month, while in the United Kingdom, this keyword recorded only 880 hits.

“How to hack someone’s phone” is also one popular search in the United States, as 5,400 Americans hope they can break into someone else’s mobile device just by Googling for instructions.

Particularly interesting is a top search that many users conduct in the United States and which concerns Android. Research shows that “Android hack” records 2,900 hits every month in one of Apple’s main markets, as it’s a known fact that a substantial share of Americans are committed to the Apple brand and iPhones.

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