YouTube on Android now acts as a voice remote for the TV apps

Earlier this week, YouTube introduced several new features to its app with the hopes of making it more accessible and easier to use. The most noteworthy addition was that viewers can now use voice search when casting the YouTube app to their smart TV.

The new function is extremely straightforward — simply press the Cast button and a microphone icon will appear, allowing for voice commands to be issued to your TV through your phone. Before this update, using “voice search” on a TV via an Android device wasn’t quite as easy. Now, it’s been simplified to require just the click of a button. This is a welcome addition to the app and something that probably should have been added a while ago.

Outside of the voice search upgrade, users will notice a new “Who’s Watching” feature. This lets viewers switch between different accounts linked to their device, so everyone in the family can easily access their content. There’s also an updated navigation menu on the left side of the screen which shows your favorite pages.

Finally, YouTube expanded its support for TV devices. The YouTube app on Fire TV now supports Alexa voice control, and HDR now works on YouTube for the PS4 and PS4 Pro.

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