Apple Could Launch a $5,000 Mac for Gaming

Apple is said to be working on a high-end gaming computer that could see daylight as soon as the summer of 2020, according to a new report.

More specifically, the Cupertino-based tech giant seems to be eyeing the world of esports, which pretty much comes down to professional gaming, typically part of gaming tournaments.

Apple is thus trying to build a gaming Mac that would be used in such events, with a report this week indicating that the device could see daylight at the WWDC conference next year. If this happens, Apple could start selling the gaming Mac later the same year or in 2021.

PatentlyApple cites Taiwanese sources as saying that Apple is currently looking into keeping the price of the device below the $5,000 target, so it goes without saying it’s going to be a rather expensive PC.

AIO or laptop

There are two ways to go for Apple, according to these sources. First, Apple might be building an all-in-one computer with a large screen, which makes total sense given that such a device would mostly be used in gaming tournaments. Of course, Apple would work together with partners to offer latest-generation hardware, but specifics in this regard aren’t available for now.

And second, Cupertino could also release this gaming device in the form of a large-screen gaming laptop, which is less likely given that the company isn’t necessarily interested in the portability factor. Plus, the battery inside a laptop eats up space under the hood that could otherwise be used for other hardware required for upgraded gaming specs.

Certainly, there’s more to find out about this ambitious project, but Apple seems to be pushing hard in the gaming industry these days. After Apple Arcade launched earlier this year, a high-end gaming device could help the company expand in a market which has until now been dominated by PCs and consoles on one side, and Windows on the other side.

Apple Could Launch a $5,000 Mac for Gaming 1
Apple Could Launch a $5,000 Mac for Gaming 2
Apple Could Launch a $5,000 Mac for Gaming 3
Apple Could Launch a $5,000 Mac for Gaming 4
Apple Could Launch a $5,000 Mac for Gaming 5

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