Facebook’s dark mode on Android starts showing up for some (Update: Testing for more users)

As more and more apps are adding a dark theme, some outliers have started to stand out with their lighter colors and designs. Facebook is one of these, but we’ve known for a while that the service would soon implement it. It’s already rolled it out to the Messenger app, the Facebook website, and is now starting to test it on Android.

Our tipster reported seeing this dark mode on their phone, but it seems like it showed up briefly then disappeared. Another report from Reddit, dating back two months ago, mentions this same fleeting appearance. And finally a couple of other Twitter users also showed it off recently, but didn’t mention if it stuck around for them or not.

Image: Morariu (left), @nagesh45 (right).

We know Facebook has been working on this dark theme for months, but as with WhatsApp, it’s taking its sweet time before rolling it out. Now that the tests have started popping up for some users, we hope the official rollout won’t take too long.

Plenty of apps have taken their sweet time in implementing a proper dark mode, but this week we’re finally seeing some progress for a couple of the biggest apps around. On Tuesday we spotted the arrival of dark mode in the latest Whatsapp beta, and today we’re getting multiple reports of a more broadly available dark mode for Facebook.

While we shared with you early news of dark mode testing last fall, it was clear that availability was far from widespread. And while we’re still not looking at anything like a big, formal release, after receiving several tips from readers over the past twelve hours, it really feels like Facebook is ramping up its dark mode efforts.

We’re also starting to get a slightly better look at what to expect when the mode finally comes to our devices, with screenshots now showing off more of the app than just those Watch screens we had before. Users report that Facebook still appears to be heavily testing things, and sections of the app will swap between regular and dark mode seemingly at random. While there are clearly still some kinks to work out, this sounds like progress all the same.

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