Ideal iPhone Design Is Almost Ideal

iPhone 4 remains one of the most beautiful iPhone models ever released, so when sources familiar with Apple’s plans revealed back in 2019 that the company was looking into ways to refresh this highly-praised design, everybody was excited.

However, it appears that the 2020 generation won’t look too different from the current design, so the curved edges used on the modern iPhones will remain Apple’s choice going forward.

In the meantime, Apple fanboys across the world keep dreaming about a new iPhone with a design a la iPhone 4, and a concept that was recently published on reddit describes this new and old mix as “ideal.”

The iPhone that you see here, and which was created by reddit user EyeRyview, uses a bunch of design cues from the iPhone 4, but at the same time sticks with the modern approach that’s currently used on the latest-generation iPhones.

Huge bezels, no charging connector

The clean design is certainly something that many iPhone buyers would love, although it goes without saying there are many things that need to be refined in this concept.

For example, the bezels around the screen are huge, and the designer says they made this choice for a more seamless integration of the notch in the rest of the body. Truth be told, the notch is no longer visible, but the bezels don’t necessarily align with the all-screen approach that’s currently being embraced by the smartphone industry.

Additionally, the large speaker grille at the bottom means there’s no charging connector on this iPhone – while for some it may sound ridiculous, people close to Apple’s iPhone plans indicated that the Cupertino-based tech giant is indeed working on a model without any ports that would rely exclusively on wireless charging.

At the end of the day, however, with the right improvements here and there, this “ideal” iPhone design could really get closer to perfection. But what remains is that people still love the original iPhone 4 design, and it’d be a shame for Apple to ignore this feedback.

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