Imagining a Windows 10 Version Created by Apple

Windows and macOS are still considered fierce rivals in the OS market, and both Microsoft and Apple are truly committed to developing new features that would eventually set their products apart from competition.

Windows 10 itself has evolved a lot in the last few years, and Microsoft is pushing hard to make it an operating system for everyone and everything. This is why Windows 10 can now run on a wide variety of devices, while also offering a rich feature lineup that includes productivity, gaming, and touch-optimized capabilities.

And while some like the new direction that Microsoft has embraced for its operating system, others want the company to follow in Apple’s footsteps and make Windows more like macOS.

macOS-inspired Windows 10

A concept created by Kamer Kaan Avdan goes a step further and imagines a Windows 10 version developed by Apple, envisioning a mix of features that are already available for Microsoft users but with improvements coming from macOS.

The Start menu, for example, which I think looks a little bit cluttered, features what appears to be an improved live tile concept that relies on an Apple-inspired design, with rounded corners that remind of macOS and iOS icons. Furthermore, the concept details a greatly-improved File Explorer as well as iMessage for Windows, which would essentially bring Apple’s messaging platform beyond its walled garden.

The redesigned Action Center is the part that I like the most, and despite being obviously inspired from Apple’s control center, some of the improvements highlighted in the concept would really make sense in Windows 10. Including the brightness slider, that is, as Microsoft for some reason sticks with pre-defined brightness levels in its OS.

A dark theme, improved search, and iPhone integration are some of the other features envisioned in the concept. And of course, while some of these ideas could at some point make their way to Windows 10 in one form on another, don’t expect Windows 10 to ever get so close to macOS.

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