Let’s talk about the Surface Duo

Microsoft Surface Duo vs the Samsung Galaxy Fold, Razr Flip and Z Flip. Which looks like a better foldable phone to you?

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43 Comments on “Let’s talk about the Surface Duo”

  1. I would love to get surface duo over my OnePlus, that seems much more useful than expanded/zoomed apps.

    But then I also love my kidneys so…

  2. Would you rather want a single foldable screen? or two separate screens? …. or one screen? … or a half screen half buttons? … or a SINGLE FOLDABLE HALF SCREEN HALF BUTTONS? If you want the last one, then get yourself a flip phone for dirt cheap.

  3. Interesting question… i think when it comes to a phone then id like one screen only, cuz i use it mainly for media.
    Talking about the surface neo though… i really want it to be good cuz that multitasking looks awesome and i want to buy it

  4. Personally i'm not gonna go as far as saying this is trash but definitely it is for a very specific audience. One of the arguement s against tablets in the past were that its kinda stuck in no mans land in between a more productive laptop and an extremely portable smartphone. This dual screen is in even worse position being halfway between a tablet and a phone.

  5. As we have seen the game play , the crease make a lot of difference while sniping.
    So, a phone without crease will be a preferably choice.

  6. No, its just another flop phone in the folding department……Moto Razr is so better and the future…Although kudos to your effort tho for your video.

  7. No one :
    Absolutely no one :
    Marques Brownlee : Hey Dave, I've been using the Iphone 13 for 2 weeks now. I just wanted you to know. That's all.

  8. If MS made a full version of Office for this thing (not the crappy web-based garbage) then this would be a game changer. I'd just use this with external keyboard/mouse and monitor.

  9. I hope those bezels get thinner, but this thing looks like the way of the future for foldables until flexible screens can eliminate the crease.

  10. The first time I saw the promo video for the duo I cried. I literally cried. This device has so much productivity potential, and you didn't even mention the pen support!

  11. I do have a laptop, desktop, tablet and phone. I’m just not sure which of those items is supposed to be replaced or benefitted by this piece of hardware.

    It’s neat, so I’m going to say it spans the laptop/tablet mode for Corporate use. I don’t think Mainstream users or Gamers will find a use for it as much.🤓

  12. I'd rather have the Surface Duo than a regular foldable. I do wonder whether the device is mobile enough when closed given its dimensions. I also wonder whether using two screens is practical in most use cases. But I can definitely see how two screens provides a major productivity boost (as it does on PC).

  13. Very good point. I always dreamed to have Windows capabilities in android so I am more attracted to this phone than Samsung fold. The question is however if it is worth the extra weight. I have my doubts. I would much rather have a real edge, like the Samsung note 4 but as a real second screen, not in the way they did it. I bought one for this reason and was disappointed because the edge didn't stay. You have to swipe it every time because it is not a second separate screen. So this surface getting closer but I think it is too bulky for real use.

  14. I liked those lights behind you. It was a great design. But I do wanna know when you are gonna change this studio.

  15. Thanks for the video. Nice piece of soft equipment.

    I never understood what people mean by “getting work done”..!!! Is it a millennials term.?? Or do they mean “suit work”.

    I am an engineering contractor who needs CAD, Database Access, high contrast, weather sealed equipment and long battery. This tablet will most likely last a day or two on site.!! So its not for getting my work done although I would buy it for entertainment and purely out of interest.

  16. Dave, you don’t look so well. Stop drinking soda and coffee. Don’t drink cold water. Take medicine for cold and cough regularly. Don’t skip them. Gargle with warm water with a pinch of salt added to it in the morning.

  17. The email from Marques says:

    Hello Dave… I’ve been using the iPhone 13 for 2 weeks and wanted to let you know. 😃

  18. I think this is a nice idea.

    At most, this is like the DS or 3DS so I think turning it horizontal and using it that way is best; especially since the hinge is not hindering the view.

    Really though with a smart phone, I'd honestly prefer to keep it how it has been. The single "slab" design works well so why bother changing what works when it comes to form factor, right?

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