New Leak Reveals Upcoming iPhone 9 Colors

Apple is expected to unveil a new low-cost iPhone in the spring, and according to a new report, this device could be called iPhone 9.

Based on iPhone 8, the iPhone 9 could essentially be a second-generation iPhone SE that Apple would position as a more affordable alternative to its premium models.

iPhone 9 will be available in three different colors if a recent leak coming straight from China is anything to go by. The leaked renders claim the iPhone 9 will be offered in white, black, and red, although there’s a chance the red version will actually be a (PRODUCT)RED release.

iPhone 8-inspired iPhone

iPhone 9 is expected to feature a 4.7-inch LCD screen similar to the one that Apple used on the original iPhone 8.

In fact, most of the iPhone 9 will be borrowed from the iPhone 8, including the overall design that doesn’t necessarily align with Apple’s modern iPhone strategy. For example, there won’t be any notch, and the device will feature a home button with integrated Touch ID. Of course, Face ID won’t be offered.

The iPhone 9 will most likely come with a single camera on the back and a typical LED flash. Under the hood, Apple will use the A13 chip and 3GB RAM.

Rumor has it that Apple has already reached out to suppliers to prepare for the iPhone 9 production kickoff, and it’s believed the first units are scheduled to see the light of day in February. If everything goes according to the plan, the device could be unveiled in March, with sales to being later the same month.

There’s a chance iPhone 9 would come with a $399 starting price, which will increase as you add more storage.

Obviously, all details here are still unconfirmed, so a healthy dose of skepticism is recommended at this point.

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