The Best Companion PC for an iPhone Isn’t the MacBook, It’s a Windows 10 Device

The consensus is that the MacBook is the best companion device for an iPhone given all the integration that Apple has developed for its ecosystem. But this is about to change, all thanks to a Dell application that’s projected to receive a set of major improvements this spring.

Mobile Connect is an application that has been around for a while, bringing features like notifications and calls to iOS devices when paired with a Dell PC.

But the company says the app would get new capabilities shortly, basically turning a Dell device into a worthy replacement to a MacBook when it comes to keeping a PC and an iPhone in sync.

New features coming in the spring

Dell says iPhone users will be provided with screen mirroring this spring, which essentially means Apple customers will be allowed to launch their mobile apps on the smartphone right on the desktop when certain Dell computers are used. Furthermore, Dell Mobile Connect will offer wireless transfer support for photos and videos.

Previously, such capabilities were only available for Android devices through Dell’s app, but the company is now bringing them to iPhone as well thanks to the dedicated iOS app published in the App Store.

Not all Dell computers will support these features and customers will need to purchase a new-generation model in the XPS, Inspiron, Vostro, Alienware, and G Series families. January 2018 models and newer are supported. iOS 10 and newer is required on the iPhone to install the official Mobile Connect app.

Specifics on when the new features are projected to go live for iPhone users aren’t yet available, but there’s a chance an announcement could be made when Microsoft releases the next feature update for Windows 10 in April or May.

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