The State of Security Breach Protection 2020 Survey Results

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What are the key considerations security decision-makers should take into account when designing their 2020 breach protection?

To answer this, we polled 1,536 cybersecurity professionals in The State of Breach Protection 2020 survey (Download the full survey here) to understand the common practices, prioritization, and preferences of the organization today in protecting themselves from breaches.

Security executives face significant challenges when confronting the evolving threat landscape.

For example:

  • What type of attacks pose the greatest risk, and what security products would best address them?
  • Is it better to build a strong team in-house, outsource the entire security operation, or search for a sweet spot between the two?
  • What type and level of automation should be introduced into the breach protection workflows?

The State of Breach Protection 2020 survey provides insights into these questions and others.

Here are a few of the insights the survey unveils:

1) Lack of consolidation is a protection inhibitor  Organizations that currently deploy advanced security products report that maintaining a multi-product security stack (especially in advanced security product groups)…

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