10 ways Linux is just better!

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10 ways Linux is just better! 1
10 ways Linux is just better! 2
10 ways Linux is just better! 3
10 ways Linux is just better! 4
10 ways Linux is just better! 5

42 Comments on “10 ways Linux is just better!”

  1. 3:59 Imagine if just for one video on each channel, LGR became Linus Game Reviews and LTT became LazyTechTips…The crossover that will cure cancer, fix the climate and make Intel release a CPU that isn't based on Skylake.

  2. I actually just jumped ship off windows and have been running Mint and Ubuntu for the last month. Its been great. I am not sure that I'll be going back to winblows. One thing though that is better on Windows, background apps for things like your mobo or GPU. WHile I can OC my CPU from UEFI, theres nothing that I have found that does the same thing for my GPU, a GTX 1070.
    However, what little I may lose migrating off windows is made up for in nearly every other aspect of Linux.

  3. I actually installed Pop_OS! to my PC because of LTT. Steam ran, but games did not. But I might get back to it since my PC is basically a server nowadays

  4. The ONLY things keeping me from switching to Linux are:

    – My games might be too hard to set up and update and run on Linux. Flight simulators are my thing. They're all trashly-optimized, so I need all the FPS I can get.
    – My wife doesn't find having to figure out a new system very fun. I completely understand, she doesn't want to waste time. This isn't a boomer "Wife bad" joke, this is legitimate.
    – It doesn't matter because all of the Big 3 desktop operating systems do the same things anyway. Why would I want such different and deep customization options, other than to have some fun? I'm still going to just run apps on it. OH I ALSO NEED MICROSOFT OFFICE IN ORDER TO INTEGRATE WITH EVERYONE I KNOW FILE-TYPE WISE, AND I WON'T SEND ODTs OR WHATEVER THE HECK THEY ARE FROM LIBREOFFICE AND OPENOFFICE.

  5. Proud to be a Linux user. Thanks Linus for finally appreciating the operating systems we nerds have been using for years.

    I use arch BTW πŸ˜‰ (with herbstluftwm and polybar)

  6. Half of the things said here just flew above my head.Guess I need to start using Linux so that I can also become more knowledgable about thi coding and programming stuff.

  7. The main issue I see with Linux being adopted by the average man on the Clapham Omnibus (as the saying goes) is a combination of:

    – A preconceived idea that you have to be "smart" or a comp-sci major to understand how to use it
    – The number of distros available (analysis paralysis)
    – A lack of knowledge of just how to migrate because everyone they work with uses MS Office or other tools that don't run under linux
    – and finally, the terminal. In my opinion, the average user should never HAVE to use the terminal. I have friends who are generally smart people, but not technical, who freak the F out when they see the Windows CMD flash up or when tech support asks them to run a simple ipconfig /all.

  8. You know, I was initially annoyed with the video taking so long, and then got more annoyed when I complained in an article that became obsolete 30 seconds later. However, I feel like, after waiting for this video was well worth it.

  9. "Stability"

    I have literally NEVER been able to successfully install Linux, whether on bare hardware or on VM. I tried Manjaro on a VM, and it had a flickering black screen. I tried Mint on bare hardware and the mouse could not click anything (I could move it, but buttons were unclickable). I tried Arch on bare hardware and everytime I booted back into Windows I had to physically re-insert ALL hardware in my computer, including my GPU and all USB devices before they were recognized again.

    So no, Linux doesn't just work and it is not stable. I have literally never been able to install Linux without any trouble. I have been wanting to for a long time, but I can't.

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