15 Smartphone Gadgets you didn't see Coming.

15 Smartphone Gadgets that will completely change how you use your smartphone (Android or…


  1. i really want someone to build a ring and proximity sensor so when in range i can click the ring or a link on my pc and open multiple websites in one go and log me in and logout and shut the websites when i move. away

  2. When you showed the night mode thing on Stellina

    I looked at your battery

    And was completely horrified of that 9%

  3. I wad really blown away with the USB C display. I am gonna research it more and find out its features pros and cons

  4. on the cordless chargers WORTHLESS! Nobody makes one with sufficient magnetic flux to work without taking the phone OUT OF THE NECESSARY PROTECTIVE CASE, NO MATTER HOW THIN THEY ARE. put THAT up as testing criteria!

  5. 50x is NOT 50 times for over 300 years it has meant POWER when referencing optics, therefore it means 50 POWER not times!

  6. I have the GoCube Edge. I have been wanting it for a long time but it has minor problems with proper syncing. When I solve it with the timer function and finish, the time I am finished with the solve, what it shows on the screen is not what I see on the cube itself.

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