18 Smartphone Gadgets to Change Everything.

18 Smartphone Gadgets that will completely change how you use your smartphone (Android or…

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  1. As a gadget junky always on the lookout for cool and useful products, this channel has become my favorite addiction…

  2. One thing I never understand is these cases and other for keeping your cards that you don't require because your phone can be used instead.

  3. 10 + minute fly away seem like just a minute!! Good concept!! Your voice and pronunciation is an inspiration!! Nice presentation and cool tech gadgets!

  4. I need this telescope!! Can someone tell me how to watch moon surface with smartphone! Is this telescope is enough!! Or do I need to buy a classic 🔭

  5. Right off the bat, the Airfly is INCREDIBLE if you fly a lot. Being able to use bluetooth headphones on the plane to watch the movies, is a game changer. Believe me

  6. Motorola Comparison, lots of new innovations, including pop up camera, mob accessories like printers and movie projectors, real cool. iPhone needs to add those Important is a comparison of camera and video for YouTubers!!!

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