360Hz Gaming Monitor – I Need This NOW!!

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33 Comments on “360Hz Gaming Monitor – I Need This NOW!!”

  1. Sooooo, if I buy this monitor, will my 2080ti even be able to PUSH 360hz at 1080p, or will I have to wait until the 3080ti releases or some other crazy gpu releases that may be able to crank out that many frames per second without the sacrifice of 1080p MINIMAL? ?…… Just curious lol

  2. Wish it was possible to run the witcher 3 on max settings 1080p 360fps… not possible even with the priciest pc on the market…

  3. I always played on curved 24 and 27 inch monitors, and after them playing on a flat monitor is terrible.

    Waiting for such a monitor:

    1) 24.5 inch (16:9)

    2) Curved

    3) 360 hz

    4) MicroLED

    5) 0,1 ms

    6) IPS

    Why so far no company could create such a monitor ?

  4. They need to come out with a new technology instead of increasing refresh rate. It's going to be impractical to have such high frame rates to match those refresh rates. For example a 100hz CRT monitor is still more fluid and has no ghosting than a 240hz. if they somehow create a new technology…

  5. Hi folks! Do you have a comparison video between different 32° monitors? I am not sure whether I go with the ASUS ROG Swift PG349Q/ PG348Q or the LG Electronics UltraGear 34GK950G-B. Can you maybe helpe me out?

  6. No improvement for the layman going from 144 to 240. And yet they make a 360hz monitor.

    Not even pro's can literally make any difference from this, your brain literally has a longer response time than a monitor like this.

    It's all marketing at best, lies at worst.

  7. Buy a 360hz mointor. Realise the computer and game combination to reach the frames to take advantage of 360hz is less than 0.1%.

    Idiots tricked by bigger numbers not using common sense lol.

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