8 Months with a OnePlus Phone

My OnePlus 8 month (long term) review. The OP 7 Pro was an amazing phone and this is a longer term take on the 90hz high refresh screen and it’s best features.
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43 Comments on “8 Months with a OnePlus Phone”

  1. What's your take on high refresh screens? Important or nah?
    This is the longest I've left my sim card in a phone since I started making youtube videos. The OnePlus 7 Pro is SO good but some ripe stuff is right around the corner

  2. The whole point of OnePlus is to deliver advanced, good specs (in the past it was for a much lower price)- so the problem isn't the device, IT'S THE CONTENT CURRENTLY AVAILABLE . Thats why I buy a refurbished or new older models- especially with OnePlus.

  3. Exactly, a higher refresh rate is not a game changing feature. Think about it now that we have every display at 60Hz we feel the difference going to 90 or 120, but when everything is 90/120 we won't notice this anymore and it would be normal. Than move on to 240 or up, the process goes on.

  4. No…most of the us don't watch of stream videos all day..
    Most of us view video max 2 hour per day..
    Most of us spend time in scrolling (comments, Facebook, Twitter, google feed, news.)
    This is big..smooth scrolling and satisfying app animation makes experience excellent…

  5. A fast ui is a game changer …i didn't realize it till i tried using my old phone. 90hz refresh rate makes a difference.

  6. as an owner of the ROG II you get used to it, but once you see another phone that is only 60 fps, it looks awful and you probably would get used to 60 fps again, but really high refresh rate screens are a great feature

  7. The content catches up WHEN MANUFACTURERS BUILD SUCH DEVICES…. there's 90hz content because there are 90hz displays.

  8. Higher refresh rate is good when I use social media that has a lot of scrolling. I tried going back for 60fps and it feels laggy.

  9. For someone that as a iPhone user.. getting OnePlus is somewhat right on the spot..iPhones tends to be a powerful phone with just about basic smartphone features that available right for customers to use..OnePlus follows the same path as Apple iPhones..without some extra gimmicky features that no one needs..one major problem for OnePlus in the past is always lacking in processing power behing Apple Soc..now SD 865 just a little bit behind A13..we will surely see many iPhone users will eventually moving from iPhone with its iOS limitations to OnePlus with fully customisable Android OS..you wont miss the usual powerhouse in iPhone now you got almost the same Soc performance in if moving from iPhone(i'd say iPhone 11 variant) to new OnePlus 8 variant..plus better hardware in some part..

  10. Normie YouTube: long ass intro, rambling and wasting time before getting to the content after 2-3 minutes
    Based d2d YouTube experience:
    starts video
    content begins

  11. High refresh is extremely important to me. Android needs to be more responsive to make the most of it. The iPad Pro is so sick because their OS is consistent and responsive.
    Android manufacturers need to implement adaptive sync like Apple. The drawbacks like increased battery usage fade away when the display doesn't refresh unnecessarily.

  12. Honestly man, I don't actually care if there's a high refresh right or not. If it's got it great, but again, I don't really care.
    It's not a big deal for me.

  13. I think, within the context of your overall impression after 8 months, the challenge for OnePlus right now is how to make sure their units with 90-Hz (or 120-Hz) screens hold it out long enough to accommodate the rest of the tech world still catching up to the adaptation of higher refresh rates on screens.

    In the bigger scheme of things, this may lead to longer intervals in the production of new products with better offers (and cost them some revenue) but may also contribute to reducing tech waste, which is good for the environment. OnePlus just has to determine where it stands.

  14. Not many mention this and see a higher refresh rate as useful only in games, but it is actually soothing for the eyes in general scrolling as well. Twitter, Instagram and YouTube scrolling where there's a lot of text and images is smoother and feels easier on the eyes.

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