$900 Ryzen Gaming Build Guide

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  1. Noone downloads linux drivers from the manufacturer's site. As long as all the chipsets are supported it will automagically work in linux.

  2. Would a ram upgrade be useful or no? I haven't built a pc before but I know that if some specs are too high, you can't really use them if your other parts aren't good enough.

  3. I used a 2600x, oc to 4.2 ghz, 2060 super, and a cm ml120l to get WELL over 240 FPS on fortnite and on just about any other game NO PROBLEM. 16gb 3200 speed from teamgroup, cost me right about the same as this build.

  4. Ugh stop with the nice looking boards with stock coolers. It's like a STOCK Toyota Carola with gas station chrome vents and a diy hood scoop. No…. Jus… No…

  5. Linus, please for the love of god add in the price for the Wi does 10 OS. You always for get that, then it's over the 900 budget.

  6. for $900 in Croatia the best i can muster is, ryzen 5 3600, asrock b450m hdv, crucial ballistix sport16gb 3200 mhz, since its ryzen, powercolor radeon rx 5500 xt red dragon 8gb, wd 240gb m.2, 2 tb seagate barracuda 7200 rpm and coolermaster white 600w…das the maxed out i can do in Croatia for $900…sad fkn times …sad times

  7. "A sick new build to crush the competition"

    WOW Linus.So now I know that what I built wasn't a joke like the rest of my previous PC's, and i can finally feel DAMN GOOD about it.I can't believe that there were times where i wasn't sure about this whole upgrade, and I'm upgrading my whole build every 5-6 years.I hate mid upgrades.

    I can't believe he chose MSI VENTUS RTX 2060 of all cards.That's the exact one I have.The differences between that build and mine is that, I have a 3600X and G.Skill V 3200mhz rams plus a X470 Gaming Pro with a Thermaltake 80+ at 700W.

    Also to mention this.Guys…change the cooler of the CPU.I know from my 3600X that the thermals go WAYYY up high and I know for a fact that the 3600 is also WAYYY worse.Wanna give you a cheap awesome cooler?I installed Cryorig H7.Thank me later.It dropped the CPU down by 10c.Previously using Handbrake to edit videos, the CPU was going as high as 92c.Later with it, it was at 81c max.

  8. Nice call to say it’s able to poop out 80 fps but if your monitor is crappy and only support till 60 Hz then why the f still going higher ??

  9. Linus how to fix the VGA led light blinking on my motherboard (msi b450 gaming plus max) I am having an issue that my monitor is not reading vga signal nor from the motherboard nor vga card. Please help!!

  10. Hey Linus , My setup is a A320M MSI motherboard, 8GB of RAM , GTX 1060 3GB , and AMD Radeon 2400G with RX Vega 11 Graphics, and my rig is running very poorly based on my hardware should i not have any trouble running basic games like PUBG or Fortnite? i get constant stuttering and FPS drops i cant figure out why , and im noticing my PC is at a constant 70%+ usage when i open up the task manager. I bought the PC pre-built from Digital Storm back in 2018 and have not been able to run any games with a steady framerate.

    Any advice would be much appreciated , thanks!

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