A Very Strange Phone Emerges…

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  1. This wont work cuz the type of people this is made for, would find it neccessary to tell everyone on social media..which kinda defeats the purpose

  2. I honestly wouldn't mind if some company would create a phone with all the hardware of a modern smartphone, but with only bare necessity features like this Light Phone like a phone app, SMS messaging, clock & calendar & it wouldn't have to be super premium, maybe a design philosophy similar to Motorola G series phones & maybe then the could create a slightly higher tier phone with a few more features like Google Maps, Assistant (only for voice command of the phone) & music/video player with Bluetooth & headphones for listening to music, but no store or downloading of extra apps of any kind. The lower tier could possibly be priced around $60, which if the original Moto G & current Moto E devices can come in at that price point, I don't see how my idea couldn't make that work & the higher tier extra feature phone could be priced at $100. I really want to force my smartphone, but I hate the hardware design of traditional dumb phones, what with physical T9 keyboards & such

  3. Send it to me PLEASE and let me pass this along to my son to use in middle school when he needs me but doesn’t need to be distracted by a smart phone

  4. Willy Du.. His neck looks powerful like a crocodile or something. Five horizontal lines!!.. like a fat id on roids lol

  5. I could see the appeal and popularity of this, because many, many people just want a phone or text, but good decent working quality ones, and are really tired of having to spend time needlessly dealing with all those other things that so-called "smartphones" throw at them. This is why people who really want a camera use a generally good working real dedicated camera and not a phone or people who want a good basic working dedicated music player use one of those instead of a phone. Also this Light phone has a really clean minimalist layout and a really excellent price, so why not go for it.

    Always a great show!! How about something on the new CAT S61, if you haven't already, and a rundown on the very best definitive protective armor phone cases for phones like Light Phone II, iPhone 11 PRO MAX, CAT S61, Purism Librem 5 and ASUS ROG Phone II, like those Titanium cases from Gresso, Gray and AllRoad Mobile, and not because they sound like lawyers, also if you haven't already. Happy New Year!! 😯

  6. next version will have mp3 etc?. seems like they're moving away from the original intention. by 3rd gen it will be a full on smart phone.

  7. I guess you’re not a dad? Well maybe you are…I think you missed the part about our kids. How sweet is that if it has gps and only text and phone abilities. Now it’s just a phone. Start your kids off right. They want to have tech that’s fine make it a pad of some sort. Yeah I’m an adult I don’t want lick myself down, I can’t become phone virgin again..,but we can def tell our kids to just chill…when you’re ready son when you’re ready. Ps the concert thing great suggestion

  8. Just buy an older galaxy phone. An S8 is like $200 bucks or less. Put it on Power saving mode….Still have a better phone then this.

  9. Why are we going backwards? This phone is tragedy if it becomes popular… Where are you gonna get ur news and information if u dun have a proper phone???

  10. <3 WILLY DOOO…. WILLY DOO HOPE YOU KNOW WE LOVE YOU:D OMG IM DYING HMM AH OK YA UNDERSTANDABLE OK BYE hahahaha legend! Flash backs to group projects in school, never knowing what to say cos my partner just goes ham 😀

  11. They can market it to sex offenders on probation/parole. They have specific rules about no cameras on phones and internet access restrictions.

  12. Try to understand the purpose before you make shitty jokes so you can hit that ten minute mark. People across the US have said that they have felt more isolated than ever. Don’t play it off likes it’s just a joke.

  13. thats like banning all glasses in your house so you dont drink alcohol. i feel like if you need this youre a serious addict. or just a living breathing boomer meme

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