Android on Nintendo Switch is AMAZING.

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Android on Nintendo Switch is AMAZING. 1
Android on Nintendo Switch is AMAZING. 2
Android on Nintendo Switch is AMAZING. 3
Android on Nintendo Switch is AMAZING. 4
Android on Nintendo Switch is AMAZING. 5

27 Comments on “Android on Nintendo Switch is AMAZING.”

  1. Apparently some of the lagginess could be due to the project's SD card support. A viewer pointed out that some SD cards can deliver a much better experience. YMMV!

  2. bought mine in 2017 sweet, i will buy the new one for the battery stuff and the 2017 one gonna be the guinea pig huehuehuehue….

  3. I love my Switch, I wish I could play my collection of Zelda games on it without having to go through this process. If they would bring the prices down on JoyCons (because they wear out often) I don't think I would ever buy another system. I would even buy them all over again if they would just make them on cards compatible with the Switch. Good video guys.

  4. Wanna watch this video sec ago….
    Then Ads shown 1st before the video
    Tadaa….. Pulseway with linus there😓 and suddenly watching the entire ads to make sure "is it really linus :v"

  5. I been thinking about doing something like this tommy.switch to emulate old gbc and gba games, but I feared getting my switch banned from online use. But now that I can run android? I'm definitely doing it!!

  6. Of course Android games on the Nintendo Switch are amazing. At least 70% of the crap on the E-Shop is just Android games ported to Switch.

  7. I know this is just a video and don't hate but couldn't you get a phone with the same specs that run Android natively a lot cheaper.

  8. speaking of emulation can this method be used to emulate my Switch games on PC? I have not really looked into it yet since the Switch emulators are in the infant stage.

  9. I wasn't looking at the video when Linus made the zombie noise and it scared the absolute shit out of me because it was so out of place.

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