Apple AirPods Pro Unboxing

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Apple AirPods Pro Unboxing 2
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35 Comments on “Apple AirPods Pro Unboxing”

  1. Had to switch my 1st gen ones out every month when one side is louder then the other so I guess these will be the same

  2. Who else wishes apple would make a software update so AirPods can have passwords on them… so if someone steals them… they can’t use them

  3. I was lucky to find them. I just bought last night. I went to Walmart for a phone case and noticed they had one lonely pair left so I took them. Even Apple wouldn’t ship until March 4th. I love them. The sound and noise canceling/transparency are both awesome. Best $260-270 ever spent (with tax) I had regular Airpods and I sold them because I never wanted to wear them. Much better product. I totally recommend!

  4. I have these and I’ve got to say the noise cancelling and transparency modes are amazing for how small the earphones are but they have a major flaw with some people including myself. They rely on tension to stay in your ears so if you’ve had a problem with silicone ear tip earphones before then these may not be the ones for you, they constantly slip and push out of my left ear and it gets frustrating to push them back in every 5 minutes when I’m in the gym. I never had this problem with the previous AirPods so looks like I’ll be switching back. To anyone looking to buy these I highly recommend looking into some cheaper silicone tip earphones to test if your ears work good with them before you blow 249 bucks on these without knowing if you’re going to have problems like I did. Good luck.

  5. My PRO’s “right-side” pod distorted/ broke cuz de cant handle bass !

    after my experience with the AirPod pros … I wish to warn potential buyers to stay away from the Apple airpods pro ! Here’s why:

    My Airpod Pros “right-side” pod started rattling after about 4 weeks use and continue to rattle during voice calls and while I cough etc. …

    … this along with Apple garbage treatment of customer and return policy makes it that I will never take another chance and spend 371$ Canadian currency for an equipment that BREAKS and might last a year (battery life) while having the cheapest sounding bass in the market !!!!

    To each der own !

  6. I love how Apple thinks this is so pro when galaxy buds do the same thing and still sound better and are cheaper

  7. I’ve had them for a month now and they do sound really full especially when using noise cancelling.
    Has anybody noticed that when you watch this video on your iPhone – his voice is coming from directly in front of you but the music is kind of more to the sides? It’s awesome!

  8. I have the AirPods 2 and been thinking about the Pros. I watched your review last night cuz u call it as it is. You were the swing vote so I bought them about an hour ago. Been great on the plane when I head to Cancun next month. Thanks for the review. 👍🏻

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