Apple should have gone AMD

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27 Comments on “Apple should have gone AMD”

  1. fuck you and your AMD high horse yes we all know they made a bigger chip. WHoopy Do, they are still a sub-product with ify stability you as people say you never buy something new right out of the gate they have to prove them selfs to be worthy so step down and give it a break!!

  2. Yeah been saying that since the Mac Pro launch. Apple crippled it by going Intel. The OS and Apps is obviously very optimized for Intel but can you imagine MacOS running in those monster Threadripper chips. Hoping they go all AMD in their entire lineup next year including Ryzen 4000 in laptops and big Navi GPUs

  3. If Apple does go AMD and/or ARM in the future that'll be interesting. Considering what that'll say about Intel and what Apple thinks about them. Could hurt Intel even more in the coming years. Hmmm.

  4. I can only imagine that contracts for these W Zeons were drawn up years ago before we knew what a sledgehammer Threadripper would be.

  5. For audio it's way too expensive
    Yes, i know, the audio industry isn't cheap at all. Thing is tho, unless you have a very well established name for yourself, chances are you might not be able to afford a mac pro that fits your needs.

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