Apple's $5000 Gaming PC? – WAN Show Jan 3, 2020

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Apple's $5000 Gaming PC? - WAN Show Jan 3, 2020 1
Apple's $5000 Gaming PC? - WAN Show Jan 3, 2020 2
Apple's $5000 Gaming PC? - WAN Show Jan 3, 2020 3
Apple's $5000 Gaming PC? - WAN Show Jan 3, 2020 4
Apple's $5000 Gaming PC? - WAN Show Jan 3, 2020 5

33 Comments on “Apple's $5000 Gaming PC? – WAN Show Jan 3, 2020”

  1. I'd say… the best apple can hope to do is basically an iMac with one or more PCI-e slots.

    By the time they get around to putting together a computer for gaming. The market would have moved on

  2. As per Microsoft's own acknowledgement. Wine is a completely legal piece of software.

    PS: Wine works on Mac too. Valve just basically skipped out on it due to Mac OSX not supporting Vulkan.

  3. Mac OSX isn't built for gaming. The lack of Vulkan support and subsequently Valve's proton compatibility layer means even Linux can run more games then Mac OSX atm.

    Killing x86 software support also crippled legacy application support and the price is way to high… considering Apple tends to ship hardware atleast one generation behind.

  4. As much as I don't care for the whole RGB trend, an RGB Apple logo would be cool, it would be subtle enough to not look tacky, and it would be a throwback to the old Apple logo

  5. how long has he had that keyboard? lol I have had some old daskeyboard that was apparently made in 2008 and I have beaten it to shit and abused it and it still hasn't failed

  6. In other words, build a SFF running Win10 with better specs for roughly half the money. Oh, and something that will not break if you happen to hold it wrong or look at it funny. Apple=overpriced garbage

  7. Hey Linus, how does Ryzen perform on MacOSX? How would it perform on a Hackintosh? (say, a Ryzen 9, Nvidia 2060, and 128GBs of ram, and a 2TB NVME m.2 SSD)

  8. Mac OS and their API – Metal is powerful enough for gaming. And their engineers are good enough for it. But the last big question is: can it run Crysis?

  9. Yo Linus, Force Heal was established in A New Hope when Luke first meets Kenobi. I agree totally with Rey being a walking sledgehammer to continuity of the Force, (hated it since TFA where she can just magically Mind Trick and Force Pull without thinking) but it should be pointed out that in Lucas canon it did exist.

  10. I had a lenovo y50 laptop with full upgrades. Lasted a bit over 5 years used it for gaming rust in 4k, aswell 3 years of architecture running autocad/revit. ended up finishing the laptop on mining. Personally for under 2500$cad i had no complaints. There were kids in my program with 5k apple laptops that rendered there same projects 3 times longer lol

  11. They need to cater to gamer doctors, lawyers, football players and drug lords. And oh, you game with no controllers and no ports.

  12. Bet they’re releasing the pc first, which also could be for their vr headset rumored to be released in 2021 or 2022

  13. LTT filming on $30,000 high-res camera.
    Most of their audience watching on low-end computers/phones which force the res down to 360p…

  14. Oh no are apple idiots gonna start saying windows PCs have bad cameras or something like that and not even know what gpu is in their Apple gaming PC

  15. Holy Crap Apple making a Gaming PC Mac
    Oh god these times will be too much hilarity.

    Imagine the conceited and pretentious culture; like PCMR but zero irony.
    People who'll pay $5k for a gaming rig with definite limited game selection and poorer performance but believe it's world class coz Apple invented it

    I literally can't wait, this will meme harder than Airpods

  16. i think this design is a bit of a non-sequitor to the current direction of the LTTstore. it has a very different look and feel to the imagery

  17. My question is what an Apple gaming mouse would look like. The Magic Mouse doesn't work for it at all as it can only detect one left/right click at a time, and some games require both, or at least work best when you can do both quickly, and the scrolling just isn't as good for a game. Maybe a gaming mouse would be a better Apple Mouse for everyone…

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