Apple’s MacBook Running Microsoft’s Windows 10X Is a Match Made in Heaven

Windows 10X is a special Windows 10 version released by Microsoft that’s specifically supposed to power dual-screen and foldable devices, including the company’s very own Surface Neo.

The emulator that the company released this week, however, allows the world to experiment with Windows 10X on all kinds of devices, even if they are based on a more traditional form factor without modern features like a touchscreen.

This is the case of this MacBook now running Windows 10X without any noticeable glitch at first glance. Twitter user @imbushuo, who has a good track of installing Microsoft’s software on various devices (including Windows 10 ARM on the Lumia 950 XL) shared this photo today, along with a screenshot from the about screen of Windows 10 where the OS correctly indicates Apple as the manufacturer of the device.

Another picture published by @NTAuthority shows Windows 10X this time running on a Lenovo T450s. However, some UI glitches are visible in this case, but as per the user “the emulator image has some odd configuration packages installed.”

Two file managers

Both photos show that Windows 10X could very well go beyond the world of dual-screen and foldable device market, as it can technically be installed on traditional PCs as well.

And at first glance, there’s basically no reason not to give it a try anyway. Windows 10X will support both Win32 and UWP apps, albeit the first will run in containers and not all would be compatible. Microsoft is offering two different file managers to help you with this, including a modern, touch-optimized version of File Explorer.

Microsoft promises Windows 10X will power not only the Surface Neo, but a whole new category of devices comprising models released by its partners, including here the likes of Dell, HP, and Lenovo, with a dual-screen and foldable form factor.

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