Apple’s Pro Display XDR – A PC Guy’s Perspective

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47 Comments on “Apple’s Pro Display XDR – A PC Guy’s Perspective”

  1. To use the already expensive $5000 monitor properly you have to buy a $7000 CPU.
    And I wondered why Apple touched the $1 Trillion Mark.

  2. To sum up, Apple made a monitor with a relatively reasonable price in contrast to other high-end pro monitors but it definitely doesn't make you use it with Windows.

  3. Glossy screen makes this screen no-go for most designers. Every time I need to design something on shiny screen I'm about to throw up.

  4. Wow, wasn't expecting a balanced review on the Pro XDR Display – I remember when it first came out that gaming PC guys were laughing at the $5000 price tag and ignoring that it was designed to compete with $30,000 monitors.
    Pretty sure there are still some youtube reviews out there where some guy says his $300 display would be just as good.

  5. Which Monitor arm are you actually using? The specs on this monitor say it weighs basically 26 lbs. The strongest arm in your links is only rated up to 25 lbs. Did you need to modify it somehow? Thanks

  6. As a professional editor in the UK, I'd love to know, does anyone actually work with a monitor at 1000nits for sustained periods? I understand for grading but even then the use case seems limited to a very narrow market of HDR displays, when the content is actually available to watch.

  7. The 48 inch LG OLED is going to make all these super expensive monitors useless. ok, maybe not completely, they won't probably do 1000 nits, but 1/5th the price, bigger, you won't be able to beat it.

  8. Thanks for this Linus, I work in as DIT ( Digital Imaging Technician ) for film and TV in the UK the current standard for on set HD monitoring is the Sony PVM-A170, that is a $4.5k 17inch OLED with SDI connectivity , it would also be very useful to freelancers like me to see both the Apple and ASUS tested with the Blackmagic Teranex Mini SDI to DisplayPort 8K HDR this would bring it in line with current on set monitoring like the A170, I know the Eizo CG3145 requires a similar SDI to HDMI adaptor from AJA for SDI, good job on getting the context and competition for this monitor spot on

  9. I don't care how much of a professional anyone claims to be, Buying a 5000k screen for it's quality is bullshit. And even more those other 30k screens. It's madness.

  10. fuck apple. for the price of that monitor and stand you can build a whole PC thatll crush the new cheese grader in every way, AND buy a 4k monitor (with a stand)

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