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  1. Tried to go to Newegg links provided just to see if the prices were manageable, but all except for the hard drive links didn't work. Anyone else got this problem?

  2. I'm sorry but why is this almost $600? Software?

    Don't need special software to store it. I have a motherboard, processor, and ram already. I could pick up so many hard drives instead of this.

  3. Never understood why buy those boxes when I can have the same specs and function from a refurb PC… At half the price.

  4. I bought the Synology 1515+ and a DX513x a few years ago. It was great and never had any problems until recently. It started to turn off randomly then one day it just would not turn on. After much internet searching, I found there is an issue with this model. I tricked it into turning back on long enough to get all my important files that were not backed up. It's not the power supply but something on the motherboard or PDB. I just passed the 3 year warranty, so I have two very expensive bricks.

    After more research, I am seeing more people having issues. Gamers Nexus has done a couple videos on the problems they had with the Synology. I guess it is time to build my own NAS.

  5. Do you really think those are safe? I once had a dual NAS, one HDD failed and it automatically copied over the currupt data/sectors, wrecking the second HDD data, too. All my data was gone and the NAS completely useless. Fortunately I've had another backup on a separate USB drive. Appreciate your feedback!

  6. Ah, I just started using Synology drives for my small business clientele recently. Neat! I might try using them at home, as well. I like the web-based OS.

  7. Warning for anyone considering Synology products. They will not repair or supply any repair parts once the unit comes out of the warranty to you or any repair shop. While it is in warranty, they might happily replace the unit, but a few days, weeks or months after the warranty ends, they will shamelessly advise to you to purchase another unit.

  8. I would not recommend Synology. I have 2 Synology's 1815+. One at the office and one at home. They backup to each other through a vpn. Unfortunately they recently both went down within a few days after each other . This is due to a know issue with the processor. Unfortunately the both went down a few days after they went out of warranty. The will be repaired but i had to pay €100. The most annoying thing is that they are in repair now for 3 weeks and i'm told that i can take another 2 to 3 weeks.
    All this time i can't make backups. I'n my opinion this is unacceptable for brand that pretends to be selling business solutions.
    However, the OS is great.

  9. Is this overkill for someone who just wants to offload files and not stream them? I have huge amounts of photos and samples I just want to put onto redundant drives that can also copy to back blaze, I do not need fast access to these files.

  10. Yeah, let's set it up as raid 5 so that if a second disk dies after the rebuild starts you lose all the data. Let's also allow friends to upload their files over a DSL link so that the nas can be left running writing data 24/7.

    All of this at the price of a mid class PC, drive excluded.

  11. How stable is Synology as a DNS hosting company? If you don't have them to redirect your traffic, you might run into problems. Is it possible to have a dedicated DNS hosting company, like CloudFlare or Rackspace, host the information?

  12. Thank you Linus. I had started using Raid 0 — 15 yrs ago. And it rescued my bacon on 2 major occasions. The NAS made sense to me, but Your VID sold me and the Purse. Cheers!

  13. No thanks. I've given up on multi-disk arrays. I've learned – the hard way – that each disk, as well as the chassis they sit in, is an additional point of failure. And even if you're protected by RAID-5/6/10; recovery never goes smoothly. My strategy ever since:
    1 copy on computer
    1 copy on a single external disk ($100)
    1 copy of just the small, important documents on free off-site backup.
    For extra peace of mind, I periodically backup to a spare external hard drive.
    It beats paying a grand on a Synology or Drobo, et al and the hard drives.

  14. great if you use the synology as a backup but i use it as actual storage so that would mean i would have to buy a synology to backup my synology… 🙁

  15. If you're looking to cover anything interesting for NAS units in future videos, it might be worth taking a looking at this open-source, 5 bay $295 USD unit later (ships April 2020). It's called the Helios64 (

    It has some decent features for the price point:

    ARM 64-bit Hexacore SoC
    LPDDR4 – 4GB

    eMMC 5.1 – 16GB

    5x SATA 3.0

    M.2 SATA Slot (shared with one SATA 3.0)

    2.5 Gbe Ethernet

    1 Gb Ethernet

    USB Type-C (DP and DAS mode)

    3x USB3.0


    On-Board HDD Power

    Built-In UPS (battery in option)

    Dual DC Input

    Rich IO Interfaces (i2c, spi, uart, gpio and more…)

    2x PWM Fan

    Nano-ITX Form Factor (120 x 120mm)

  16. Aaaaaaaand yur 1st newegg link's broken. Big surprise Newegg. You've been total CRAP since your started outsourcing EVERYthing. -_-
    Great vid tho! 😀

  17. You can do all this with FreeNAS/Openmediavault, rsync, and duckDNS with a old PC for much cheaper than they did here

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