Charging a smartphone with Light?

Wireless Charging on smartphones…sucks, but here’s a prediction for a future 2020-2025…

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  1. Absolutely Awesome Video really enjoyed and I had to pick both if it is safe all for it but if not afraid of how much it will affect your surroundings or Health like anything that is to much.Loved the Video Deb.šŸ‘ŒšŸ‘āœŒ

  2. Unless Apple comes out with a wireless charger that charges as well as the brick the include with the iPhone 11, they shouldn't remove the charging port. Maybe there will be a thinner area of the frame with a magnetically attaching charging cable. Sounds like a potential safety hazard, but we will see. Wireless charging for me is convenience. I don't need to always top off my device at rapid speeds. Overnight I'm ok with the slowest charge possible because it won't affect me. Watching a movie at home and quickly looking up an actor on IMDB then dropping the phone back on the charger is a better experience than pulling the cable out of the charge port or the wall. We're in the early stages, but I like how it's progressing.

  3. I really recommend you doing research on light based energy transmission and do another video on the topic, just to understand what a bad idea it actually is. While it is possible from a technological standpoint, it would be super problematic ecologically, as wireless energy transportation is extremely wasteful. And it doesn't matter whether you use magnetic fields or laser beams, or micro waves or radia waves or anything similar for that matter. All these techniques have been tested and while they all could be implemented into our technologies to make them truly wireless, they are simply all to disadvantageous.

  4. This is ABSOLUTELY WRONG!!! Light based recharging is NEVER 100% efficient. First of all, 100% efficient energy conversion is physically impossible. And secondly, the process with which the infrared light energy is conversed into battery power is inefficient, since you need a specific type of solar cell to do that. Also, since you have so many energy conversion processes in the charging process, the process is very inefficient in total.

  5. Ive never seen any other YouTube tech reviewer doing such immense and deep analysis of a futuristic tech which is also realistic and also statistically in need, thank you for doing that justice to the tech society Mr whose the boss! @mrwhosetheboss

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  7. People are becoming so lazy and inpatient we're going to have wireless everything soon and everyone's going to have cancer before they turn 40 because everyone so damn lazy to plug their phone in or wait for anything. Being saturated in microwaves and whatever other kind of waves has to have some effect on a cellular level with prolonged exposure.

  8. If they focused more on how long a single battery charge can last, rather than how fast a battery could be charged, we'd have battery-less phones very soon. But they know it would collapse their business models. We can only hope that they understand the criticality of mortality and so let go their ego and business-mindedness and encourage open creativity for productivity and progress in our lifetimes or at least theirs.

  9. I think, without cables and lesser batteries, we don't even want to go out of our house, because we can't use our phone outside.

    This is only my opinion.
    Pls no hate

  10. That is NOT true Wireless Charging , just because a device is charging without a cord isn't Wireless truly , still the source is attached and need a contact with the phone
    True or #FreeCharge is the correct one to bring out , means wherever u go it will charge whenever battery is low

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