Console + PC Gaming – Together at Last!

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26 Comments on “Console + PC Gaming – Together at Last!”

  1. We know there's a really annoying reflection in the video… and we're sorry. CES makes fools and villains of us all

  2. Idk about you guys but this is fucking awesome.
    I would like to actually go through the process of converting that shit myself though. Super cool.

  3. You guys really need to step off with your no optical drive BS. A lot of us actually need optical drives for the way we want to use computers. IE not always connected to the internet like a borg drone.

  4. I have only one issue with this entire idea, which I personally think is amazing since I game on both PC and PS4. But my problem is for what I can see and know so far, is that there is not a disc drive to read my physical games. So what am I going to do with all my game discs for PS4 then? Cause not everyone buys games digitally nowadays especially if you buy special editions of games (like Collector's editions or Steelbook editions).

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  6. Would 100% have bought this with the Xbox and PS4 installed (Like to use my Switch undocked sometimes). If they do one for the next gen consoles I'd get it.

  7. Neat. Hey did ya know about The Screen Savers – Yoshi's Boxx? He custom modded a PC to include at least 4 game consoles. Perhaps you can have guest modders on your channel?

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