Dear Smartphone Makers.

Dear Smartphone makers – Samsung, Oneplus, Apple, Xiaomi, Huawei and more, here are 8 things I’d…

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  1. People take lot of photos on front camer than rear camera so why can't you just add more pixel counts and add. More lenses like ultra wide..that would really help me..

  2. The only thing I hate is that apple and Samsung competing in a weird , for example the cameras S10 had 3 so did apple , now S20 has 4 cameras I hate it when they add more cameras in a ugly shape

  3. The thing that you bought the latest smartphones and after 1 week they release a better one and the same price as yours

    Marketing techniques?

  4. I think the pricing of smartphones is ridiculous because they out date themselves kind of quick I would rather spend 500 on the PS5 then 1000 on a phone.
    I don't see the point in very expensive smartphones as I see you if you can text, call download apps go on the internet with it then that's good enough

  5. 6:08 we have this feature from decades
    nust add your device as a network device 😁 so till you and you laptop are both on same wifi your whole internal storage shows up 😁 enjoy but you have to set it up onece with share me

  6. Imagine if phone companies started making a phone that doesn't need a case, and then

    Case companies makes a case for those phones

  7. Hi. I love your videos. You have really good content. Really important points which should be considerd by smartphone companies. Bravo!!!

  8. And please include at least ip67 on all high quality smartphones. We are living in 2020. Some of us just need more protection and reliability than fancy "120hz" display or 150Mp cameras.

  9. I think the content is fine and intact it reaches a lot but try a survey so that all diffrent and I guess some innovative solutions can also be got..companies can also do this

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