Deploying ANOTHER PETABYTE of Storage!

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45 Comments on “Deploying ANOTHER PETABYTE of Storage!”

  1. Anthony the voice of reason and knowledge
    Linus like watching an accident, can't look away.
    Server room knock a wall out.
    Sadly, eagerly looking forward to the next episode.
    I Enjoy your content. lol

  2. This was a very good video. The editing makes it really comprehensive and cuts out all the troubleshooting bs. Maybe for your next project with Anthony you could deploy an entire rack of Ceph storage?

  3. You'd be better off sending old stuff to a tape library. Offload old data to tape is much cheaper and faster to keep nearline.

    This just shows how little knowledge you guys have in managing large amounts of data.

  4. Tip #1 Bigger server room.
    Tip #2 Server lift rack to save your backs.
    But seriously that was an awesome highly technical upgrade. I could do some comparisons with OpenVMS VAX and Alpha Server clusters but probably nobody knows what they are.

  5. Been a viewer for several years and was looking forward to this video. It's the first LTT video ever I found disappointing, it was too fast paced and it looked like Linus got high with the energizer bunny and came straight to work.

  6. 14:47 kids, you might not realize this, but when you get to see a Youtube company have (over) a PB of storage in their small server room, you now know you are literally living "in the future" and things just got epic. The amount of data storage is sorta amazing.
    To give you an understanding, here is how lifewire describes this amount of data storage:
    "To store a single PB would take over 745 million floppy disks or 1.5 million CD-ROM discs, clearly not an efficient way to collect a petabyte of information, but it's fun to think about!

    The movie Avatar needed about 1 PB of storage to render those graphics.

    It's estimated that the human brain can store around 2.5 PB of memory data.

    Over 3.4 years of 24/7 Full HD video recording would be around 1 PB in size.

    As of late 2016, the Wayback Machine was storing 15 PB of data!

    1 PB is equivalent to over 4,000 digital photos per day, over your entire life."

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