Did I Just Find The Perfect Laptop? (2019)

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  1. Laptops with 'Punch Hole Display' might look better…and not a bad idea i think. It'll make laptops more perfect & bezel less.
    Hope to see in future 😌

  2. Aren’t these expandable ? If so I’ll just buy the standard i5 with 256SSD at $1500. Do you think this would be ok for a college student/SoftDev ??

  3. Hey guys super excited tonight I’m installing the RAM and SSD kits to my X1 and finally unboxing it.

    My X1 Extreme Gen 2 (Total Price $2300 CAD, $1770 US)

    UHD Screen
    256 SSD Stock
    1 TB SSD 970 EVO Samsung $200
    8gb Ram Stock
    32gb Ram by Samsung $200 CAD
    Win Pro.
    1 Year Warranty.

    I bought Black Friday

  4. Hey les boys! I just found you and without researching you belive you are in Toronto eh! I have been an apple user for years as i am in Photography but am impressed with you review of this computer and wondering if i should make the switch. I would need to change my computer an d phone systems as well as all my software compatibility but no worries can do, Can w e buy computers through you or a link through you so yo are compensated, I will look for your reply,

  5. I deleted Lenovo welcome software and it bricked my Lenovo. You cant system restore, you cant 'Vantage restore'. Lenovo somebody needs to shit on your face.

  6. Lew you are not paying attention to keyboards. There is a big lack of full size keyboards on Ultrabooks. The keypad on the left not being there is pretty bad. Especially when you are in accounting or insurance, or surveying on the go number inputs.

  7. so black Friday is days away, and im having a hard time choosing between this Extreme Gen 2 or X1 Carbon 7th Gen, anyone would like to share their thoughts?(:

  8. screen is terrible . has a mesh like grain shows up really clearly on the white background. battery last less than 4 hours, extremely loud fan and some coil whine which kicks in even with web browsing and gets hot. biggest finger print magnet ive ever seen and constantly crashing. But yeah the screen kills it for me.

  9. Could you please compare the OLED and the 500 nits version of this laptop? And which one would you choose for your personal use? Thank you very much for all of the time that you and your team are investing in these videos.

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