dimsum entertainment and Mediacorp to serve prime Thai content on meWATCH

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dimsum entertainment has sealed an agreement with Mediacorp, Singapore’s national media network, to bring a comprehensive selection of Thai dramas to meWATCH, Mediacorp’s digital video service. This move is sure to delight drama lovers, who can now catch their favourite Thai drama series for the very first time on meWATCH and at absolutely no cost.

Starting today, MeWatch viewers can expect hit titles featuring top Thai celebrities such as the popular romance-comedy The Sand Princess starring Baifern Pimchanok, highly-rated Confusedly in Love starring Ice Preechaya, Flower Ring starring Push Puttichai and Gypso Ramita, as well as You Are My Destiny and Mia 2018, remakes of their respective original, hugely popular Taiwanese dramas. Come March, fans can also catch blockbuster hit Thong Ek – The Herbal Master. All shows will be streamed in their original Thai audio, with English and Mandarin subtitling options.

The Sand Princess Kot, a struggling college student, is willing to fulfill any task from Ji as she will get paid. When Ji got Rin, pregnant, he asks Kot to raise his baby girl, Moji. Changes happen when she accidentally meets Ji’s brother, Ki. Ki wants to adopt Moji and has been asking Kot to marry him. Later, Ji confesses his feelings to her while she starts to develop some feelings for Ki.
MIA 2018 (aka The Fierce Wife)



Aruna and Thada are the perfect match who have a beautiful daughter. Many people are jealous of this happy family. Upon returning from abroad, Aruna’s cousin, Kanya, moves in with her family. Things become complicated when Kanya gets sexually involved with Thada. Who will Thada choose in the end? How will Aruna cope with her husband’s decision?
Flower Ring



A floral shop owner—Laaising is a single guy who likes to be single, but his family wants him to find a girlfriend as soon as possible. Laaising bumps into an assistant editor of a modern magazine—Waenpetch who also likes to be single, in a wedding. They fall in love with each other after that. However, Waenpetch’s parents want her to marry her childhood friend. Will the love between Laaising and Waenpetch grow?
Confusedly in Love



Tun is a tomboy whose heart had recently been broken by her girlfriend. She suddenly makes the decision to be a woman and find a good man to be her boyfriend. Meanwhile, Tun’s new boss Matt, always tries to get her to resign. But she manages to save her job every time. Eventually, he begins to admire her tenacity and tries to befriend her. That somehow leads her life to a new direction.
You Are My Destiny



Phawut is the successor to a large company. Wanida is a secretary in a law firm. A whole lot of confusion occurs after the two of them drank a drugged liquid separately. Wanida goes into the wrong hotel room because the room number had been changed, and the door is opened by the drugged liquid maker. She ends up sleeping with Phawut and the two cross paths that night. Later, Wanida finds out that she is pregnant…
Thong Ek – The Herbal Master Blamed for the death of his patient, Thong In, a kind doctor flees to Tha Chaloang with his grandson Thong Ek. When Thong Ek wishes to follow his footsteps, he forbids Thong Ek to become a doctor. To fulfill his dream, Thong Ek faces many challenges to overcome Thong In’s objection. In the meantime, Thong Ek meets Chaba, a daughter of a nobleman who studies herbal medicine alongside him. Will Thong Ek succeed?

Lam Swee Kim, dimsum entertainment’s Chief Marketing Officer, said: “We are thrilled to partner with Mediacorp to bring quality Thai content to an even wider audience. With our collaboration, viewers will get to enjoy the best of both worlds: dimsum entertainment’s superior library of Thai dramas, together with the unrivalled convenience of on-demand and multi-screen viewing on meWATCH.”

Anil Nihalani, Mediacorp’s Head of Digital Products & Technology, said: “Drama lovers will know that Thai productions are renowned for their absorbing plots and creative storytelling techniques. We are delighted to work with dimsum entertainment to showcase choice Thai dramas to our viewers, while broadening the ever-increasing range of content genres available on meWATCH.”

dimsum entertainment is currently available in Malaysia, Brunei and Singapore. dimsum entertainment is accessible via the web, mobile and TV applications. For more information, visit www.dimsum.asia, dimsum entertainment official Facebook (@dimsum.ent), Instagram (@dimsum.ent) and Twitter (@dimsumasia).

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