Don't Ruin Your Smartphone

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33 Comments on “Don't Ruin Your Smartphone”

  1. Bullshit so what it's thin if it not protecting your phone from anything other than scratches. If I paid 1000$ for a phone I wanna keep it safe no matter what, even if it's gonna be bulky af

  2. I really like it. It barely feels like it's there at all. I know it's not gonna protect it from a really hard fall, but if you don't use cases anyway it's much better than having nothing at all. And you won't even notice it's there except for the texture in the back, which adds a really firm and secure grip so you're much less likely to drop your phone now anyway. It really is kind of addicting to feel up. Everyone who's held my phone since has commented on how nice the material is. It's just a nice middle ground between having nothing at all and having some necessary protection.

    That being said, yeah the price is too high. But I managed to snag it on sale so I personally didn't feel it as much. But if you did pay for it full price then I understand why there would be a need to be more critical. For my money though this is the nicest case I've put on my Oneplus 7 Pro, so far.

  3. I'm sorry but that thin case isn't gonna protect your phone if it drops! 😏 if anyone bought this I really do feel bad for you!

  4. Of course the website doesn't show images of the bottom! The most important part! I always need to know if my headphones can fit through the case hole…

  5. I don’t understand. He makes an product so had to remove similar products who he competes with videos about.
    It’s a nice case – similar doesn’t mean he stole the design. It’s just a carbon fibre case guys.
    You guys need to grow up

  6. haha what the hell. I literally have the s9 plus and its not even 2 years old but yet its not available for a case? Now I understand that this is a joke…

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