Even Corsair Knows Air Cooling is Better – A500 Review

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26 Comments on “Even Corsair Knows Air Cooling is Better – A500 Review”

  1. if only they put a fan in the middle slot or something… doesnt even have to be held in place with screws or anything just have a slide where it locks in place so its easy to take out when u need to take the cooler on/off

  2. Still don't understand why more heat pipes aren't used more. I won't touch the 212 normal because of few pipes and not full copper base. They all need to shove as many pipes as possible. Stop cheaping out on a few dollars of metal ffs.

  3. Not everyone cares about noise and so you can say it is a great product based on thermals, ease of installation, versatile fan mounts, and even the way it looks.

  4. Thank you for the most interesting review which differs in its conclusions from the other reviews I've seen recently. You should do some comparisons with the new top tier Zalman air cooler. According to one review I saw, it beat the NH-D15 by 5C to 7C – quite surprising. I gave up on Corsair after the high priced gaming mouse I got from them a couple of years ago failed badly after only a few months (I usually get 5 or more years out of other gaming mice I've had). Even my current $13 gaming mouse off Amazon has held up far longer than the Corsair mouse did, and works great. As for Corsair, are they just riding on their name now?

  5. Honestly, I really don't care about noise. I prefer loud ass computers personally. When quiet you'll know there's a problem.

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