Faster Mobile Internet for FREE – No… Seriously

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33 Comments on “Faster Mobile Internet for FREE – No… Seriously”

  1. "This technology is counter intuitively called *WARP*, and if it's successful, it could fundamentally change the very structure of the internet as we know it."

    I hereby declare exterminatus on this planet. It is tainted.

    The Emperor protects.

  2. I'm wondering if this would be a good broadband internet system, for say my tablet, laptop, or even a roku/firestick?

  3. udp is not more resistant to drop outs, it just doesn't care if there's a dropout, so instead of standing around asking where the dropped packet went, it just moves on with life. This is better for stuff like streaming when having that lost frame being reinserted a few seconds later would obviously be undesirable. It is not "better" than tcp though. they've both been around since the stone age for a reason.

  4. It's so weird how in 2020 we still haven't figured out how to make http secure. If only it could be encrypted without having to pay for a third party app. We could even give it a snazzy name like https and have it integrated in literally every browser, and have virtually all websites support it. But until someone thinks of that thank god for almost vpns keeping my data safe.

  5. Tried the 1.1.1 thing on my desktop and separately my router for a while after seeing you first video on it. Unfortunately I, and the others in my household, found it unreliable as we were getting randomly disconnected from the internet fairly frequently. If they've fixed whatever issue was causing that, I'll gladly give it another spin, but this… sounds like it's specific to mobile.

  6. so basically added compression by default and questionable encryption while same time handing cloudflare control over the internet.
    that sounds like a solid good idea

  7. >Claiming that UDP is more resistant to dropouts

    What…. UDP is literally meant for data delivery when it doesn't matter if it actually all gets there. UDP is blasting a water cannon of data somewhere, it's great for video streams. TCP is handing your data to a mail delivery service that ensures it's arrival, and notifies you of when it does…

  8. its not free they are protecting your data from everyone but them and then they are selling it that is how they can say its free but it is costing you your data like every other free app out their

  9. The VPN not only to timeouts after an hour but permanently disconnects you, it shows you're connected but you actually aren't. Hence, SCAM.

  10. I tried this for a couple of weeks and it was terrible it made lots of apps take ages to load and even webpages would get stuck

  11. "more secure because is encrypts the traffic"… up until the CloudFlares servers. Because if the end server doesn't support encryption, CloudFlare will still need to send it unencrypted anyway. So it's not faster, not more secure, not free and require you to trust one more company with your data. Is there ANY advantage to that scam?

  12. I encountered so many issues while using the app that I had to uninstall it. Pages and apps would frequently just stop working when it was enabled, forcing me to turn it off and back on again to get them to work. This happened on both iOS and Android. Everyone in my family had the same issue as well. It worked great for a few days, but after awhile it just falls apart.

  13. cloudflare are hypocrites with not a single once of honor, I would not trust them with anything especially my data.

  14. Wait…. so its the Brave Browser (which is available for android) but is more annoying to use especially if you also use a VPN?..
    Why not just talk about the Brave Browser instead <3

  15. "Developed countries with already blazing fast speeds – which is definitely us"

    I had the biggest belly laugh in years. Thanks for such a ridiculous sentence.

  16. I work in Cybersecurity and I literally facepalmed in response to the content of this video several times. I'm currently sick as a dog with a cold so I could care less to correct the misinformation in this video. Stupid!

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