First Person View PC BUILD Guide! (POV)

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  1. I am an old man with a question for you and yes it is a stupid one I know….. I am building a new pc and have a limited income and would like your assistance in the question of fan hook ups…. lol
    I have I have an asus maximus XI hero (wifi) MOB…. has only 3 chassi fan headers I know of and my case had 3 fans installed and I picked a rosewell cooler with 2 fans… I moved the front fans to the top and put the radiator in the front and the case has 1 rear fan as well…. I seen only 3 chassi fan headers and plan to use a splitter that came with the cooler on the cooler fan and the 3 case fans in the 3 chassi headers will this be a problem using the splitter sorry I am not good with so many fans but want this to last. top 2 fans pushing air out rear also out…. and the front radiator fans pulling in. also first water cooler do I use cpu fan for the splitter on the radiator fans and the io header I think it was labled or water pump for the pump on the radiator? I just do not want to burn out anything . my cpu is an I7-9700k btw. I know what you be thinking now…..if he can't know where to plug in his fans he should not even put this together lmao
    Thanks for any help for this 65 year old man 🙂 case I got MOB I got the cooler I got

    Thank you guys you rock!

  2. I know this might be a bit late, but I just wanted to say that a friend and I are planning on building our first PCs this summer and this video will definitely be used for instructions! Very informative and much easier to see everything in POV! Awesome video and thank you in advance!

  3. Great video, every single thing was well and detail explained. Was very informative, complete and usefull. Thanks a lot for the great content, it teaches a LOT on "how to" basics in therms of building a pc from scratch.

  4. My PC repair shop where I bought 2 of my pics except one was just an upgrade but they always cable manage the PC with plastic cable ties and I always cut them when I for example put in another drive or and optical drive, I feel bad for them

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