“Flagship Killer” Phones in 2020

New phones like the Samsung Galaxy S20 have to compete against the cheaper phones on the market. These are my thoughts on flagship killer smartphones in 2020.
Cheap Galaxy S10 –

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40 Comments on ““Flagship Killer” Phones in 2020”

  1. After the warranty,i have pushed the phone limit and now i can do whatever i want,just missing some basic features like cant use slo mo,etc…but i can play what ever i want on a 2gb ram phone…. i even change build prop sometimes and this works for many apps too… so… i am keeping money until the phone dies :v ,it has been five years ( Galacy J5 prime)

  2. OHKAY!!
    I'm a fan of Dave's work.
    But I'm pretty sure he gets paid extra by Samsung to endorse their products.
    Every year he promotes S series phones during launch after price drop, always
    Samsung galaxy s series has bad Battery backup and poor charging compared to other brands.
    Realme's flagship killer is just lit, It's better than One Plus 7t with less price.
    Has 50 Watt Charger, 30 mins to full charge. AND THATS CRAZY!!!

  3. So I'm watching this video on a used Razer Phone 2 that I got for under $300 on Facebook Market Place. New from Amazon that phone is listed at $350… There won't be a Razer phone 3… I have the flagship killer!!! 😭😭😭

  4. This video is the exact reason that differentiate Dave from other Youtubers, he just brings a different but sensible perspective

  5. Thanks for this video! I always enjoy your intelligent presentations! I actually am looking for a new phone and had considered getting the S20 Ultra, but you have offered me more options to consider!

  6. These slightly old flagships are almost perfect, except for the software support. I suppose you can look for a Lineage OS supported phone. But it is a hassle. The newer Samsung phones never get support for it.

  7. In regards to one plus they're competing against a price point that has gone from about 700-800 now thanks to Apple if that 1000 starting and then moving up to 1500 for foldables or more like the 5G phones or the Ultra Samsung line so the paid 800 and not pay above 1000 minimum you saving 200 ready and given what they give you that you can't put a price on your probably saving for 2 500 still but they're just moving up with the times and they're showing you that they have went through Evolution compared to when they're scraping the bottom of the OnePlus One so when people complain about that I find that to be really fucking stupid because you get what you pay for it but they got to move with the times at least they're not breaking the same exact price point and they're not staying far under because they're offering a lot for it, you got to be smarter than that they just making a video for the sake of making a video probably

  8. The depreciation on these things is faster than a stone block thrown in the ocean.
    I really don't get these $1K flagship smartphones as they drop to half price just 8-10 months after their release.
    It just shows ho much overpriced these were and all new flagship are when they are launched and how much they are milking from the customers.
    Especially the new 2020 flagship have camera and display, performance features that are gimmicks and any normal sane person wouldn't need it.
    I mean who needs a 48 or 108 MP camera with 100X zoom and 8K video recording features and 12 GB or Ram and 120Hz displays when all they are going to do is watch YouTube, Netflix, WhatsApp, web browsing, etc.
    All the modern flagships especially the 2020 ones look like a pathetic excuse from all the companies to bring a new update to their last so called flagship.
    We have actually went past a limit in smartphone technology that anything beyond that is just a gimmick and unneeded stuff.

  9. I wouldn't say the price cut of 1 year old phones would be the renewed/refurbished prices on Amazon. There's a lot of bad rep in general for these phones since its basically a lottery. some can be scuffed, some can be completely fine with little signs of wear. you have no idea what made the phone refurbished in the first place or what condition it can actually be in.

  10. So basically big smartphone manufacturers are unable to keep innovating year after year to convince people to buy a new phone every year. It's a major problem every smartphone company is dealing with at the moment and it's kinda sad to see.

  11. A legit Flagship Killer ?

    The Xiaomi K20 Pro wipes the floor with Apple and Samsung Phones in a Speed Test 😀

  12. I personally think this is the more reason why I don't cleave to the Android side. I'd actually get an iPhone, whether flagshipped or not it's very premium even the lowest of it phones

  13. at this point, i’m really hoppin on thé hype for the HTC one M8. that thing has VERYTHING you need for $150 dollars. and it’s BY FAR one of the best phones i had when it was still new. the dual front facing speakers were a god send and i might just buy it as a second phone

  14. I'll never buy a new flagship phone, the S20 to S20 Ultra is $1100 to $2200 AUD, an S10 is $85 and all those last gen Chinese 'flagship' killers are crazy cheap.

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