“Gaming Web Browser”… R U kidding me?

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“Gaming Web Browser”… R U kidding me? 1
“Gaming Web Browser”… R U kidding me? 2
“Gaming Web Browser”… R U kidding me? 3
“Gaming Web Browser”… R U kidding me? 4
“Gaming Web Browser”… R U kidding me? 5

36 Comments on ““Gaming Web Browser”… R U kidding me?”

  1. I have 6 Ridge Wallets. They are awesome. PLEASE DO NOT BUY THE KNOCKOFFS from Amazon. They take pics that make them look like the Ridge but are not true to the actual product you’ll get.

  2. linus………… You who play Anno. Have you ever never ever once in your life then wanted a video with some random stuff or some movie or series ongoing? just to have something else? Hehe

  3. Normal Opera is THE BEST web browser. Regular consumers haven't heard of it nor would they know how to use it which is why the market share is so low

  4. I use that opera with green icon with different ui and has inbuilt music player + screen shot taker + cool tab management + ram is used less but these guys forget to update the chromium and now it just closes when I try to login in any gmail or any account

  5. OMG!!!! It actually solves a problem for me that I have: Popping out the WAN Show over my game while freeroam-driving in BeamNG Drive. I no longer have to use my phone resting against the TV for that. Cool.

  6. I don't see a reason to use this.
    Firefox has already the popup player, and the other feature can be added…

  7. You have an engineer in house, please for the love of my nerves stabilize the table so it doesn't wiggle any time Linus moves his tiny hands!

    Otherwise great content, love ya guys!

  8. Prevalent problem with watching streaming in your browser on secondary (usually 60Hz) display and gaming on main high refresh rate (144Hz) gaming monitor (usually also with variable refresh rate, which complicates things further) is that Desktop Windows Manager limits your refresh rate to frequency of window with GPU accelerated content (eg. video decoding) with lowest refresh rate, so gaming browser could be tested against issues like that, but you didn't even test it…

  9. You forgot to mention muse gestures. I know it is also in regular opera but it is an amazing feature. So much so that I had to install a mouse feature extension in Firefox after trying opera


    3 mins later….

    "Huh, it's not so bad actually…BUT DON'T BUY THE MACBOOK AIR"

    I'm seeing a pattern here…

  11. Well chrome eats gigs of ram with a handful of tabs and causes gsync to lock down to 60hz on my 155hz monitor whenever twitch is open on my 60hz screen, so if it doesn't do that…

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