Google Contacts for web adds back the ability to create multiple contacts

Last year, Google finished its slow rollout of the newly Material-themed web interface for Contacts. While the visual upgrade was inarguably prettier, it ended up losing a pretty handy feature: the ability to add multiple names and/or email addresses at once. Fortunately, the feature recently reappeared, and you’re now able to create multiple contacts, choose a label for them, or import them from a CSV or vCard file.

To create multiple contacts, you’ll click on the “Create contact” button as usual, and select “Create multiple contacts.” A new window will appear that lets you add names and emails manually, or import them from a file.

If you select the label button from that screen, you’ll be able to add them to one of your existing labels or create a new one to organize the multiple contacts under.

There was never any fanfare about this feature being removed or re-added, but it’s an extremely useful option for those who deal with large amounts of contacts, and along with the new ability to find people you haven’t saved to your account, only makes Contacts that much more versatile.

Head to Google Contacts to check the feature out.

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