GPU wars are coming!! – WAN Show Feb 14, 2020

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GPU wars are coming!! - WAN Show Feb 14, 2020 1
GPU wars are coming!! - WAN Show Feb 14, 2020 2
GPU wars are coming!! - WAN Show Feb 14, 2020 3
GPU wars are coming!! - WAN Show Feb 14, 2020 4
GPU wars are coming!! - WAN Show Feb 14, 2020 5

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  1. Linus I'll purposely have nothing to do to watch…. After last week (I actually teared up a lil… fucker lol), whatever keeps you in front of the camera for a little longer brotha 😉👉

  2. I didn't call you a socialist last week, but you were saying that we're grieving (GRIEVING!) about disappearing car ownership. Some hyperbole is expected, but overall, you sounded dead serious about "cars as a service" being our inescapable future (as opposed to a more distant possible future our descendants may have imposed on them). 30:30 – Oh, you're still saying that. So I'm still saying what I did last week, then: You're full of it.

  3. Linus, I don't think you need a VPN to torrent "content", only things is really torrenting game of thrones etc. at least here.

  4. i like Luke's idea on "play button case", hope they start the channels soon so they get the play buttons quickly to work on the case.

  5. Hi everyone,

    regarding Cisco Meraki it is currently pushed to hard by Cisco that the prices are quite literaly just too good for companies to give a fuck.

    Most companies to plan to reinvest on a 5 years basis anyway so they don't care if some hardware would not work due to a missing licence.

    And they pay large sums for licences anyway and there for compare just the price for buying vs leasing/licencing for 5 years and the lower price wins.

    >>> My personal conclusion: Yes, XaaS (everything as a service) is the big thing right now with companies. And Netflix and co is the push of this model into the consumer market.

  6. One could ask what the difference is between PU's and home-heating systems, why not integrate electronics into the airco.

  7. We're already well on the way to cars as a service.

    In the UK at least more people opt for lease or PCP deals (where you never actually own the car) and get a replacement every two to three years rather than buy new now… It's only a few steps away from paying for a subscription to a car service where it's not the same car you get day to day.

  8. Misunderstanding or not the tesla car story happened like this. Car is sold to dealer with features, buyer gets car from dealer with features, tesla disabled features without contacting either dealer or buyer

  9. I liked the video for "The Case the Community Built"

    As far as the console thing, they kind of already do that, except the other way around. They release games for a period of time after release that release on both the previous gen and the newer gen. It helps with revenue for the game, so you can sell it to all the people that adopted the new hardware and the ones who didn't. I do think it will last longer in this gen, depending on the developers, and how much strain the games put on the hardware.

  10. Fuck pia. the new owner is known to be an israeli spy who's incredibly wealthy so probably state funded to do this stuff.

  11. Right firstly your server room is to small. Secondly if your dust you have in that room is flammable you are in for a shit storm. What to do? Construct glass box "clean room style" Secondly install filtered air-con system. Thirdly install None Flammable non toxic class 2 gas fire oppression system. This should be tax deductible. Your server may still fail with the gas but most of the time they do survive. Lastly your fire oppression system should have the following automated "automated power cut off" "automated alarm and oppression system" More importantly it must have a external "out side the glass box" Power cut-off switch this is an absolute must. Keep the clean room clean "easy in easy out access" you are dealing with high voltage. Clear visibility and proper lights is an absolute must have. The server Must be accessible from both back and front at all times no obstructions. You must have clear markings on the side of the glass box stating type of gas its class, high voltage warning, static discharge warning and so on. Lastly fire extinguisher is a must make sure you have the correct one. Most of the time you need 2 as you can have a chemical fire as well. UPS should be checked monthly as they do fail it is a question of when. That said no UPS system should ever fail like this system has. Its protections should have turned the unit off and kept it off.

  12. Sure Tesla gave back self driving but you have to pay $4k again for it even if you already had in the past, some update!

  13. Even though it would not occur to you to abuse your power. You have to realise you have. You have an insanely large base. Every smart company would give you the support you even hinted at just to avoid you even remotely saying anything bad about them that can give them a ton of PR problems and costing money.

  14. Why is the wan show a live show? They don't interract with chat and they always answer questions they predetermined before starting the show. so why?

  15. You can drive illegal cars and trucks in the US if you get a permit and it is imported for a given amount of time and exported again – supercars and the like from Dubai get shipped to the US all the time that are illegal to own and drive here but not if you have a certain permit – embassy permit or something like that i forget exactly.

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