Holiday CPU Buyers Guide – 2019

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  1. I bought a budget PC with a Gtx 1050 cause all he really plays is mine craft and it came with Gtx 1650 and i checked its real and i got it from acer (i know GTx 1650 is terrible and bad for its price but for the price i got the pc its actually good

  2. I have a Core i7-8700K at base clock 3.7ghz/up to 4.7ghz OC. Is this still pretty decent for graphically intensive gaming e.g. RDR2, Metro Exodus, Control, Cyberpunk 2077? Should I overclock it, upgrade, or not worry about it? I have an MSI 1080 Ti Gaming X, but plan on upgrading to the 3080 Ti later this year. I prioritize gaming, but I also do work in photoshop and Maya. Thanks for any advices!

  3. I have a ibuypower pc but the problem I have is when I play game on steam like gtfo when the game starts it’s starts to get very choppy 😦😖

  4. Would you recommend the ryzen 5 2600x or the ryzen 7 2700x (paired with an rx 580 8gb and in the future with an rtx 2070 super) for gaming? (strictly competitive overwatch if it counts, example low settings 144hz monitor etc)

  5. a) the 9700K is an i7 not an i9 (as shown in your benchmarks)
    b) why compare the 9700F to the 3700x and 3800x instead of the 9700K/KF which has higher clock speed and overclockability than both?
    from everything i've seen the 9700K/KF when overclocked blows Ryzen out of the water in gaming benchmarks, up to 30 more fps in some titles. this just comes down to whether you want more frames in games and whether or not you care about encoding/compression, etc.

  6. Is it reasonable to upgrade now, since I would also need a new motherboard etc. or should I wait till the next gen cores launch with new sockets?

  7. 1800 bucks to upgrade my 2600k. I dont need a PSU, GPU, and peripherals. Nor am i looking to go sli. Wutchu guys got? I do have amazon prime

  8. What i'm seeing is 9600k is best for gaming at $200.
    Quoting "At stock clocks the i5-9600K is around 8% slower than Intel’s flagship i9-9900K but when both are overclocked, the 9600K closes the gaming gap to within two or three percent."
    Am i being misled or should this one have been mentioned?

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