How Bad is a $50 Smartphone?

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How Bad is a $50 Smartphone? 1
How Bad is a $50 Smartphone? 2
How Bad is a $50 Smartphone? 3
How Bad is a $50 Smartphone? 4
How Bad is a $50 Smartphone? 5

44 Comments on “How Bad is a $50 Smartphone?”

  1. My phone cost 65 dollars, and I'm happy with it. Walmart, target, or any like Walgreens they have phones for 25.00.

  2. youtube go is for downloading youtube videos that's why they ask for you to choose the quality, it's not about sensitivity in phone plan

  3. There's literaly a 2-3gb ram phone with android 8-9 that's below $100, i advise if you're on a budget, not like this phone which is very very limited, just go for atleast 2 gigs of ram and 16gb storage

  4. Blackview make very good budget phones. For the money you cannot go wrong. I only buy Chinese smartphones these days.

  5. This thing is good for a kid. I got the note 10 plus and handed my iPhone X to my daughter. Shit took no time for her to ruin it

  6. What??? Why would you endorse Coke?? Smart people shouldn't endorse that shit anymore. You make good videos. Be mindful of who you endorse. You as an entertainer have a responsibility towards your viewers if you're a decent person.

  7. 2:26 hey lou, if you still had that phone, you could try to get into the developer option and set the animation to 0.5x, the device would feel snappy

  8. Can I just have the phone if you will not use it. I can't afford to buy phone even if it's just a $50 dollar phone

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