How Dedicated Server Hosting Meets Performance & Security Demands

Thanks to readily available technologies for providing binoculars to cognize our intended customers’ needs and market trends, happening across different industry verticals so that maximum ROI can be attained. But, the question that arises over here is can we make best of these technological advancements, overlooking the importance of strong website presence? The answer is a big NO.

This article attempts to throw light on the strongest web hosting alternative that can give your business a right direction:

Over the past few years, technologies have evolved rapidly and businesses are increasingly looking out for a more reliable and powerful web hosting solution. It is of utmost importance to have your website backed by the best possible technologies. To launch a website, ostensibly, you require a computer, connected to the internet, capable of receiving requests, and taking appropriate action. And, it is only possible with web hosting services that allow individuals and organizations to make their website globally accessible.

Here, the web hosts provide space on the server to their client. Opting for a reliable web hosting service is the foremost step that one should consider while launching a website.

Availability Amuses…

A web hosting firm offers numerous types of hosting solutions to their clients, including dedicated server hosting, shared hosting, VPS hosting and cloud hosting. When you share a server with other hosting clients, there might be a risk of holding an improper, poor bandwidth supply or memory. Sharing a server with other people might reduce the speed of bandwidth and curtail the opportunity of being exploited in the wide competitive market, which is bombarded with traffic.

Dedicated Server Hosting Steals the Show – How?

For a business, a website acts as the key resource of revenue. Downtime certainly brings grim repercussions. Take, for example, that you run an e-commerce portal. Ostensibly, you will need to keep the website running round the clock. Any impediment or slow functioning of the website might create a bad impression on the visitor. This can adversely affect your business, thereby, taking your ROI down.

Dedicated hosting services resolve these ensuing qualms and give you an entire server – which says no entry to outsiders. With dedicated hosting, your business can acquire capabilities and resources of an entire server, which you do not have to share with anyone else. The entire server is handed over to you and your websites with enough bandwidth to handle an exponential amount of traffic and handle software configuration along with multiple pages to host. In addition to this, dedicated server solution provides their clients with on-demand raw storage, firewalls, load balancers, and network infrastructure, which are required for your mission-critical business applications.

Businesses today can leverage the power of Internet hosting to amplify their IT infrastructure utilization and minimize the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). It is the most sought after hosting solution that guarantees power and performance. Businesses should choose among the global network of service providers, each with high-performance Tier 1 connectivity, maximum redundancy and security control that helps in meeting the norms of the company.

Key Traits of Dedicated Servers

• Exceptional Security

• Not shared

• Managed service for superior support

• Reliable with high uptime

• Bandwidth and enough space to grow

Why should one opt for dedicated web hosting?

For utmost security and consistent performance, dedicated web hosting service proves a beneficial bet. It is a viable solution that bridges the gap between business strategies to reach customers and wider competitive market. Let us take a look at a few benefits offered by dedicated web hosting:

Fully customizable: The service providers can help you with customized servers, storage and network capacity that helps in meeting your requirements. When you opt for dedicated web hosting provider, you can get full access to a single server without worrying about other websites getting clogged up in the same server’s CPU and RAM. It gives organizations a customizable plan that fit their needs.

Enhanced performance and security: By opting dedicated server, the service providers guarantee maximum uptime for your website, thereby, handling a huge amount of traffic and providing more stability and reliability. With a dedicated server, you can also be sure that you are not sharing space with a malicious website or a potential spammer. It allows enhanced security, particularly important for companies handling sensitive transactions over FTP or SSL.

Above all, dedicated hosting provides firewall, premium bandwidth, round-the-clock monitoring, and backup facility, which helps in accelerating your application performance. Dedicated web hosting plays an indispensable role in providing consistent performance with utmost security.

Taiba Fatima

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