How many Chrome tabs can you open with 2TB RAM?

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47 Comments on “How many Chrome tabs can you open with 2TB RAM?”

  1. I think that having multi-threading disabled is the main pitfall of this video. Clearly if the system is getting unresponsive but there's still plenty of memory available, the bottleneck is elsewhere. My speculation is that Linus could have reached 12k open tabs with 128 threads, maybe something less. It's clear at at a certain point there were too many units of work to be scheduled for the applications to be responsive. I know it's unlikely to see this test be performed again, but I think it would be cool to run it again with SMT enabled. Cool video though, Linus!

  2. i like how the ssd is just a simple clean silver with a decal, sort of understated like how samsungs drives are. it would go well with most theme builds for that reason.

  3. I tried this on my personal system on Linux with 8gb of ram. I got 1248 chrome tabs.
    My specs:
    Intel core i5 2400 3.10gh
    8gb ddr3 ram
    Bootdrive: SanDisk cruzer glide
    AMD Rx460

  4. Me: plays a demanding Minecraft modpack with a single tab of YouTube open on my other monitor.
    Also the one chrome tab: takes up half of the total memory in use

  5. Fascinating, Johnathan Morrison’s Mac Pro also buckled at around 6000 tabs. I wonder if it’s a software issue rather than hardware

  6. i am actually not surprised at all because let's be real, high scalability ist usually not a concern when developing and coding a browser.

  7. This shows how little consumer memory and CPUs have improved since 2007 it's supported 32GB and most still support only 32GB.
    Intel even was going to release another 4 core CPU in 2019 until AMD CPUs had cores.
    I'm still waiting on even 60GHz since Teraherz electronics have existed since 2001 and probably long before then!
    See Intel Terahertz TechTV for them talking about how Intel will have 1THz CPU sold by 2005, yet, 19 years later, we are lucky to have 4 – 5GHz. They even used a lower voltage and ran cooler with Intel's "special sauce". Darpa and Motorola have also announced 1THz electronics in 2009 and 2011. See HEMT transistors and Intel Terahertz wiki pages and their references that show the patents from 1979!
    Hard drives and RAM are barely improving to consumers too. 2007 1TB hard drive and they are STILL SOLD in 2019!
    Technology is clearly not being released to consumers.

  8. context switches are not free, thread bomb can kill any average PC it doesn't matter if it has a trillion GB of ram or 1GB cpu cache or whatever.

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