How Technology might be about to Kill us.

Welcome to a theory about where technology might lead us in the future, through the evolution of…

How Technology might be about to Kill us. 1
How Technology might be about to Kill us. 2
How Technology might be about to Kill us. 3
How Technology might be about to Kill us. 4
How Technology might be about to Kill us. 5

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  1. This video has been a LONG time in the making, and I think all the pieces start to fit together towards the end. If you do watch the whole thing (Thank you by the way), then let me know what you think – Terrifying, or incredible?

  2. AI probably won't take over jobs like mine without a massive multi billion pound overhaul to the industry, especially since it's food.. they could potentially take over the production side of things, but we'll still need FLT drivers and order pickers to actually do the actual warehouse work. Some of the boxes on the pallets are so unstable that an AI literally couldn't unwrap a pallet and start taking boxes without having those boxes fall all over the place. The same would apply to many other types of warehouses. You'd still need humans to tip and load trailers too.

  3. I did really like this one … it was really neat and well put together. my favorite series is "what you didn't know about [Google/Samsung/ect.]" i've shared those to so many people 😀

  4. tech will never replace humens. we need to beconected with nature ( robots can not give birth or multiplay with ai tech it will never happen because we have somethineg uniq, we have gens). In medicin, yes i can not wait to see first braintumor surgery with laser or some delicat surgerys, give diability to hear, speak and see to someone who can not will be awsome, but more then that….. i am shure they will give some rules because of ethical reasons.

  5. personally i dont think a robot could do any of the skilled trades yea you see robots dling stuff like drywall but how is a robot going to do it as efficient as a human the robots you see doing it now are extremely inefficient and inaccurate

  6. Dumb people would have to outreproduce smart people by a lot over the next several generations for dumbness to become a dominant evolutionary trait.

  7. I get the feeling that humanity has been designed with some kind of end goal in mind. It can't be coincidence that all human achievements throughout the entirety of it's existence have led up to us merging with machines. If we were all connected via some network and machines that keep our brains alive, that are able change how we perceive the world around us, it would literally be like we created a separate universe from ours. If time doesn't exist, because it's only a human perception, we might ALREADY be living in the universe we ourselves will create in the future. And will create over and over again.

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