How to Care For an iPad

If you have invested your hard-earned money and purchased an iPad for school, your business or your personal use, then you probably want to know the best way to care for it and make sure it stays in top-performing shape. Here we gather together the best practices to help you care for your iPad.

Caring For The iPad Screen

The screen is made out of glass but it has a special oleophobic coating in order to protect it from fingerprints. Officially, it means that it’s oil resistant. It is important to take good care of the screen to get the most out of the coating. Here are some ways to protect your iPad screen.

* Don’t drop it on hard surfaces. It is glass and it can break.

* Clean the screen with a soft, slightly damp, lint-free cloth. I clean my screen after every use in order to make sure the lingering smudges don’t wear on the coating.

* Do not clean it with window cleaners, glass cleaners, aerosol sprays, abrasives, or alcohol

* You can use the iKlenz solution to clean the iPad and the screen. It is safe and I use them to clean my screen every couple of weeks

You can also use a screen protector. These are not for everyone but they do work for the care of the iPad screen. Some people swear by them and others don’t like having anything on their screen.

Caring For Your Batteries

Part of caring for your iPad means caring for the batteries. The batteries in your iPad are lithium polymer (rechargeable) and they will eventually wear out. It will take a long time before that happens, but there are some things you can do to care for your batteries and get the most out of them.

* Make sure you keep up on the latest iPad updates. This sounds odd but Apple will sometimes make adjustments to software which help with drain on resources and battery life.

* Go through one charge cycle per month. To do this all you have to do is charge the iPad to 100% and then run it completely out.

Caring For Your iPad: Environmental

There are also a few environmental ways to care for your iPad. Some of these are obvious while a few are not so obvious.

* Keep the iPad out of heat above 95 degrees (Fahrenheit) for an extended length of time

* Keep the iPad out of cold below 32 degrees (Fahrenheit) for an extended period of time

* Keep it out of water or extremely humid locations

* Do not dry it with an external heat source, hair dryer (it’s been attempted)

It should also go without saying that part of caring for your iPad is to make sure you do not insert anything into the port connections other than the intended peripherals. Jamming things into the port connectors could render it unusable (and void the warranty).

External Protection

Protecting the outside of the iPad is part of caring for your device. You will want to get a case, sleeve, folio or bag in order to keep it safe while traveling or just for everyday use.

Shane J Ketterman

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