Huawei Mate XS – Ultimate Foldable Smartphone?

The Huawei Mate Xs is here – Huawei’s most powerful Foldable Smartphone for 2020, so, welcome to…


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  1. I must say that am pleasently surprised that Huawei got a lot of things right in this second generation to their foldable. Like

    -the hinge mechanism
    -the folding being flat unlike the previous generation
    -the same high resolution and wideangle camera for taking pics and selfies
    -mirroring for helping with taking pics when someone else is pointing the phone camera at you
    -awesome tablet and phone mode (there is no compromise using any of the two modes)
    -screen size adjustment of apps (for both phone and tablet mode)
    -bigger screen even when folded (unlike Samsung's small front screen when the Samsung Galaxy Fold is folded)
    -neat design
    -not bad looking skin
    -512 gb storage space with expansion slot
    -and more than decent battery life

    Am sure they will improve on the non-scratchablity of the screen over time and hopefully introduce graphene batteries too. Also, not have Google Play Services on this phone is a deal breaker for many.

  2. I like this form factor soo much more than the galaxy fold and flip z. When it's closed you can still use it like any normal phone, unlike the fold or the flip z, where you have to make compromises on the size of the display.
    The massive issue is that the screen, with the current tec it's too fragile.
    I'm hoping that improves as time goes on.

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