I am NOT Retiring… yet – WAN Show Jan 24, 2020

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I am NOT Retiring... yet - WAN Show Jan 24, 2020 1
I am NOT Retiring... yet - WAN Show Jan 24, 2020 2
I am NOT Retiring... yet - WAN Show Jan 24, 2020 3
I am NOT Retiring... yet - WAN Show Jan 24, 2020 4
I am NOT Retiring... yet - WAN Show Jan 24, 2020 5

43 Comments on “I am NOT Retiring… yet – WAN Show Jan 24, 2020”

  1. timestamp guy doesn't seem to be here, so here:

    0:00 topic overview
    2:02 intro
    2:40 Linus isn't retiring, more about his livestream
    18:56 RX 5600XT video apology and VBIOS update
    22:14 Linus is better than Jaden at Beat Saber
    23:30 more about the 5600XT
    25:30 RTX 2060 KO actually uses TU104s
    30:37 Sponsor spot 1 (MOS Organizers)
    31:24 Sponsor spot 2 (Honey)
    32:30 Sponsor spot 3 (VULTR)
    34:04 10 million subscriber T shirt
    35:35 LTT Minecraft server updates
    42:00 Lenovo thinkpad USB-C issues
    42:58 EU proposing ban on facial recognition
    48:50 10 million sub shirts are limited stock
    51:35 Sonos stopping support for old products
    56:15 Luke talks about his experience with Blizzard customer service
    1:01:00 superchats

  2. I think companies should not be able to disabled a device you paid money for. If you bought it, it's yours, not theirs. If they choose to not update something, then stop updating it but leave it running.

  3. and about people talking about how unprofessional that was, theres a reason the linus group gets along so well. getting to know your team on a more personal level makes a better team relationship. and makes it better and less miserable to go to work everyday. i imaging getting back to work after that video its one of those moments that you just look around at everyone and everything you built and being able to appreciate everyone more and say. "look what i did in the world" id think it was a peaceful moment

  4. i did watch that whole video and im glad you decided not to retire on us just yet. ive learned so much from you and cant thank you enough 🙂

  5. your a good dude, everyone has trials and tribulations in life, you wear you emotions on your sleeve, and are very open and honest in your approach to your videos and with your team, i like how your the boss, but they see you more as a friend then a boss. which is hard to concecrate into a business model, if all business's was done this way, production would be so much more effective around the world, with teamwork as friends rather then colleges & work associates. people that watch you for long enougth, care about you. and your family. and wish you always the best. you are a youtube legend simply put… Linus & the Team. Have a good day 🙂

  6. That “retirement” stream was awesome! It was transparent, heartfelt and even uplifting. I definitely teared up some, but only left with warm fuzzy feelings.

  7. Luke you should submit a GDPR request on the blizzard support website, there's literally a button you can click that says "Obtain a Copy of My Data". They will send you an email with a copy of all the data they hold on you and your account. It may shed some light on what happened.

  8. 10 more years of Linus
    10 more years of Linus
    10 more years of Linus
    10 more years of Linus
    10 more years of Linus
    Preach it

  9. P.S. If someone was to buy LLT outright 😉 one should turn it into a combination LTT reviews, Mythbusters for Computers, some Lou added in (i.e. add another on-screen review-specific host!), add an X-Files-oriented super-secrets-of-computing video segment, build/sell a line of custom-cased high performance (and reasonably priced!) laptops and desktops AND then add more WIN COOL FREE STUFF contests !!!

    Of course we keep everything and everyone else as-is, although I AM changing everybody over to AMD EPYC dual CPUs, 32 inch 8k monitors, QUAD GPUs with terabytes of ram and 100s of petabytes of storage! And finally, I am DEFINITELY going to test whether a motherboard and CPU can be adequately cooled by taping it to the roof of a car and driving on a country road at 60 to 100 kmh!


  10. I miss BFG because my twin 9800GTXs died a month after they closed and I couldn't take advantage of the warranty.. lol

  11. Master Luke, perfect counter argument on the Facial Recognition ban‼️‼️✊🏼✊🏼✊🏼

  12. On that WoW topic, "We can't tell you why you got banned" is like.. the go to for every online game. You won't get anything from anybody on what exactly went down. It's the worst and nobody ever talks about it.

  13. Man the hole system is drunk many ppl retire this new year we'll more opportunity for you other guys I suppose but no matter the product or point of conversation will not be Linus he be back

  14. 58:32 I've suspected that for quite a while now, that other developers, and it seems Activision/Blizzard now too, just don't actually care that there are cheaters, especially with "free-to-play" games, and free account sign up.
    The cheaters still spend money too, so its more of an annoyance to them that they have to deal with cheaters or look bad.
    They just want that money. Money to register new accounts, microtransactions, anything they can convince people to spend on.

  15. 57:24 Dump Blizzard! DUMP! DUMP! DUMP! They clearly want to trash their company and drive all their fans and customers away, so let's just be done with it.

  16. Did Linus ever did a video review on Eluktronics Mag-15? Link please. If not, i would love to see a review on that laptop. I’m having dilema between Razor Blade 15 or Eluktronics.

  17. Linus kind of even looks regenerated after his mid life crysis….don't worry Linus your doom hasn't come yet……..that comes out next month !……

  18. hey linus, DEMOCRACY AT WORK. get it? no? watch this for more i know you are busy but take 55 minutes of your time to watch this google talk by richard wolff please:

  19. What I worry about with things like Honey is whether it does any tracking and storing of your data. Have you guys tested that?

  20. 11:42 I don't people liked that it was a downer, rather they liked that you were being that honest about how you felt. You are a person not an entertainment robot that needs to be at a 100% constantly, and there's nothing wrong with showing that from time to time.
    That like everyone else you also have doubts and are struggling with making it all fit together.

  21. I also really want a setup next to the wan show studio where Luke shows off the items from sponsors infront of a backdrop in a semi hilarious modelling situation

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