I deliberately downloaded ransomware… – Acronis True Image 2020 Showcase

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42 Comments on “I deliberately downloaded ransomware… – Acronis True Image 2020 Showcase”

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  2. What happened to Steve-O Linus, we want our Steve-O Linus back! he can sing old man river smoothly and is a perfect Tenor for a Barbershop quartet.

  3. Wouldn't a good ransomware encrypt application files too? i.e. Acronis backup images or any backup files?

    (Edit: to fix typo)

  4. I love your channel. Thank you for shedding some light into my field. I think awareness is VERY important. Thank you bro!

  5. *Cringes at the thought of trying to upload a backup of my 45TB system. Hell even the 4TB main OS drive would take eons with the typical upload speeds being only 2-3 megabits.

  6. Side note: Diskpart is a command line tool for disk management that ships with Windows. So actually, you did install Diskpart when installing Windows.

  7. Just looked into this. It’ll only back up 250gb to cloud. With another $20 to do 500gb. I dunno about you guys, but just one of my drives is bigger than that

  8. There is a name for this kind of video. It's called an infomercial.

    I hope Acronis compensated you well for your credibility… Who do you think your demographic is?
    "Defeat ransom ware!"
    3 Minutes later
    "…by restoring your files!"

    So having a backup can save me from ransomware… Great? I'll make sure to remind my computer illiterate friends who are over 65??

  9. Question: if you, say, do a full backup to an external hard drive… what's to stop wannacry from encrypting your backups?
    I regularly do a full backup to an external using freefilesync but I keep that hard drive unplugged except when I'm doing the backup… Am I just being paranoid? 🙂

  10. I been using Acronis since 2010 I also use DeepFreeze software to revert a computer back to normal basically a live sandbox :3

  11. yeah, but ransomwares activate sometimes even 6 months after infection, to counter backups…. what you gonna do then genious????

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