I thought Razer's "Modular" concept PC was impossible…

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I thought Razer's "Modular" concept PC was impossible... 1
I thought Razer's "Modular" concept PC was impossible... 2
I thought Razer's "Modular" concept PC was impossible... 3
I thought Razer's "Modular" concept PC was impossible... 4
I thought Razer's "Modular" concept PC was impossible... 5

49 Comments on “I thought Razer's "Modular" concept PC was impossible…”

  1. This is the future of "Desktop PCs", once other manufacturers copy the concept and include sockets for both desktop CPUs for intel, AMD and ARM??… liquid cooling NUCs, or some crazy solution like Peltier NUCs or magnetic refrigeration… I still prefer a laptop for average use, but it would be nice to have 10 or 20 of those at the office I guess…..

  2. Just built my first gaming computer. There were some struggles along the way. This seems like a nice concept for those uneasy about building their own computer. You are giving up a lot of flexibility though. I’d recommend a reputable prebuilt computer as it currently stands.

  3. Wish they make the intake of the compute unit, on the opposite side… or just leave a slot between the module and the gpu… also why sfx… they could make it so much smaller with and external power brick or an internal custom one… The bottom is a solid piece of metal or does it has vents, I know those fans at the top are exhaust and that there is some ventilation holes at the back, but still… Like the size though.
    Can't wait for a third party nuc 9 with better cooling, maybe some overclocking and a freaking slot between that and the gpu slot on that daughter board…

  4. Neat concept and it could be interesting but it seems to be trying to solve a problem which doesnt exist.
    as in I dont see what's the advantage a "modular pc" over a prebuilt and building your own desktop will likely still be cheaper and not too much more difficult

  5. I'm sorry but this just looks terrible and is going to cost half of your body i doubt this will succeed ecspecially with intel getting beaten down by AMD atm

  6. The ease of use just sounds like people are being lazy about just opening a simple side panel and unscrewing whatever that needs to be troubleshooted

  7. Oh god that modular PC was from 6 years ago?

    Where the hell is time going? Feels like I watched it not too long ago.

  8. cant wait for someone to make a knockoff with better air flow, less branding, and more neat features like 2.5+ GPU slots for beefy cards, AIO port, mITX layout for full desktop processors and actual modularity…

    ya know like Lian Li Tu, LnWin…

  9. So it's a repackaging concept for PC components? I do like it and I can see why it might appear conceptually easier and neater in the minds of new PC gamers.
    It's kinda like the IKEA of PC builds, a Lego plug and play setup.
    Wont it cost more if each component is essentially in its own case, as opposed to a tower build of the same specs?

  10. This was a thinly veiled advertisement. No talk about specs, no benchmarking, and the writing was mostly fluff about how it's perfect for a certain market segment. Why do I care? I want to see it run some games and software and how well it does it, and see Linus throw his meaty paws at it clumsily for a while.

  11. So instead of being able to swap out motherboard, CPU, GPU, RAM, disks, coolers, PSU… You get to only swap out 2 modules. That's the complete opposite of modularity!

  12. Prototype has no power button?
    so do they use the force to turn it on?
    do they wave their hand at it or tell it to turn on? or both?
    Flipendo? no wait i know, it is truly modular because you literally unplug it to cut off the power.

  13. So… Can we officially say Intel is bending their arse now? This is a cool concept for crappy desktop parts, basically what Intel will have in stock for the upcoming years. Seems like they're committed to their 10nm substandard CPUs.

  14. I don't think many people get the point of this. Of course it doesn't compete on price with mini-ITX/DTX, or even an Alienware Alpha. What Intel has done is successfully dupe Razer and Corsair into helping fund their return to dominance in the server business. Remember the old Blade servers that effectively put 6 servers into a single 4U chassis, this is the successor to that. How many cores can you get in a single Epyc server, 128? And I think it's 112 in a Xeon server. That's a lot, but what if you had 8 PCIe slots, each with a daughterboard with an additional 8 core computer on it all connected 8-16 Gbps, that's very nearly the same as socket interconnect. Now you effectively have a 176 core cluster in a 4U chassis and I'm sure Intel could work out the software in a future iteration to have it function as a single NUMA server. Then there's an additional future iteration where the whole system is on daughter cards. Intel doesn't want to sell their most power efficient silicon to desktop users, they can already barely keep up with the much higher margin mobile and server markets, this is barely even a prototype, it's a proof of concept, that they'll let others fund at exorbitant prices.

  15. Christine was sexy, something I would consider slotting things into, well if crossfire/SLI worked like intended more often.

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