I was WRONG about the iPhone 11 Pro Camera…

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44 Comments on “I was WRONG about the iPhone 11 Pro Camera…”

  1. Caméra on phones are for social médias. For Instagram etc. If you wanna a professional one you would never use a phone but a real camera. iPhone stay the best

  2. What difference does it make if most people are going to slap a filter on their photo and then compress it on Twitter and Instagram? I would feel better if they just made a DSLR that can make calls and send txt. 😂

  3. The girl smiles on some photos and doesn’t on others. Of course, shadows will be smaller on a non-smiling face. You should’ve made all the shots at the same moment.

  4. Just shoot RAW ffs and process them in Adobe Android Lightroom (free). Better image quality and style always mach your taste… job done!

  5. Man you went too far for the praise. It is ok to advertise but at least you need to test it in detail. You cant just say pixel 4 is the best in every aspect, while the photo youre showing is hinting the fact is another way round.

  6. Btw, the iPhone photos in the restaurant were awful. The subject's face was flat, grainy and washed out and the shadows were terrible. Not even Lightroom could fix that.

  7. 6:38? Um what? Detail is everything. If a photo has good detail and quality, you can edit everything else to your liking. Google wins all day long here.

  8. pixel has clearly better software at the moment but i think is a bit (only a bit) overrated beacuse the image is so much more saturated than competitors
    i own them both and this keeps popping to my eye
    some editing in the photo app can result in a photo that is very similar
    where pixel wins, is night mode
    i’m expecting some work from apple for ios 14 to improve that feature

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